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LASIK Technology at Sankara Nethralaya:

We use the Allegretto Eye q500Hz, the world’s most advanced Lasik machine capable of analyzing multiple parameters and providing you with the best vision correction
With years of experiences and excellent technology, we have been successful in carrying out Refractive Surgery treatment for shortsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
The new Wavefront Technology (using the Wave Light Allegretto Excimer laser Machine) allows us to treat a range of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
A well-experienced Refractive Surgery team, combined with state-of-the-art Technology and our quality Protocols ensures you an unmatched edge over other centers.
Over 20,000 Refractive surgeries (LASIK) have been performed so far.
Versatile Range of Treatments: - We have treated spherical numbers as high as -12 D and + 6 D as well as astigmatism as high as 6 D with excellent results. The extent to which an eye can be corrected is determined by our refractive Surgeon after pre-procedure evaluation.
We use completely disposable other than the excimer machine – our institute with NO record of infection so far over 18,000 lasik procedures.
Allegretto eye q 500 is also the fastest Lasik machine in the world, which means the shortest treatment time, lesser strain, better comfort and the least chance of error.
The fast eye trackers will ON/OFF the laser if there is any accidental eye movement making treatment extremely safe.
Benefits of Lasik care at Sankara Nethralaya
Greater machine speed – Enables faster treatment time leading to a quicker process
Faster visual recovery results in better visual outcome
Better quality of vision.
Fastest Eye Tracker ensures that laser treatment is perfect even if involuntary eye movements occur.
Consultation and Pre-LASIK Test Charges:
Lasik Consultation Rs. 600/-
Pre Lasik – Safety Test Charges (Both Eye) Rs. 6300/-
Pre Lasik safety test (Corneal Topography) is valid for 3 months. If any repeat tests are advised by the doctor during this period there would be no additional charge for the same. However if you plan your Lasik process after 3 months, full evaluation shall have to be repeated to ensure accurate analysis.
LASIK Procedure Charges:
After a complete examination of your eyes, our ophthalmologist will have a detailed discussion about the appropriate procedure for you.
LASIK Rs. 23,100 / - (Per Eye)
EPI LASIK Rs. 23,100 /- (Per Eye)
Custom / Wave front Guided LASIK Rs. 23,100 /- (Per Eye)
Femto Second Rs. 47,000 /- (Per Eye)

(All prices are subject to change as per the management's decision)

Please Note:
100% advance payment
Demand Draft to be made in favour of “Medical Research Foundation”, payable at Chennai.
Credit Cards – All Credit Cards are accepted. Credit Card has to be swiped prior to the procedures
Cash can be paid on the same day of surgery at the Lasik Reception.
Plan Your LASIK At SN In Many Easy Ways:
Please feel free to email us your queries and we would be happy to clarify them. Have your lasik…….
Appointment schedule for LASIK consultations:
Monday to Saturdays from 8.00 am to 3 pm
LASIK will be performed on Mondays / Wednesdays & Fridays for scheduled LASIK Candidates.
We look forward to your joining Sankara Nethralaya’s family of happy and satisfied Lasik candidates