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Excimer Laser

The "Allegretto Wave front Technology" Excimer laser corrects refractive errors within seconds by modifying the corneal curvature

A refractive error results when incoming rays of light are not brought to a precise focus on the light sensitive retina lining at the back of the eye. Myopia (Short-sight), hyperopia (Long-sight), and astigmatism (cylindrical error) can result in poor vision. Spectacles and contact lenses are conventionally used to correct refractive errors. Incisional techniques, like Radial Keratometry have been attempted in the past to correct myopia. However, the long-term hazards and complications of this procedure have made it obsolete. The EXCIMER LASER has emerged as a promising tool that has vastly improved the accuracy and safety of Refractive surgery. The EXCIMER LASER destroys intermolecular bonds in corneal tissue, enabling precise tissue removal. Altering the corneal shape corrects refractive errors - the procedure is termed photo refractive keratectomy (PRK). A newer modification of the treatment is the procedure called LASIK which has further enhanced the efficiency of the procedure. The Indian Oil Corporation Excimer Laser Centre at Sankara Nethralaya acquired the first summit Excimer laser in India, in November 1992. We are proud to announce the acquisition of the state-of-art Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser in December, 2001, in order to bring the best treatment to the people of our country. This equipment has several unique features, that ensure a very high level of precision in the treatment of refractive errors. The center has performed in excess of 8000 refractive surgical procedures with good results, comparable with results achieved in other reputed Refractive Centers anywhere in the World.

Excimer Laser (State of art Allegretto Wave Front Technology) for PRK and Lasik::Corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
Corneal Topography
Evaluates corneal surface, shape and power
Corneal Pachymetry
Measurement of corneal thickness.