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Normal eye pressure is maintained by a fine balance between inflow and outflow of fluid in the eye (aqueous). Raised eye pressure is one of the important risk factors for Glaucoma. It is commonly caused by obstruction to the drainage channels of the eye. Although infants and children can rarely be affected, glaucoma is more common in the adult population. The raised pressure can cause irrecoverable damage to the optic nerve and can result in permanent loss of vision. In chronic cases, it is the side vision that is affected initially and the disease slowly and subsequently damages the normal vision before the patient becomes aware of the problem.

At Sankara Nethralaya, our Jadhavbhai Nathamal Singhvi Glaucoma Department has 11 Consultants. The Glaucoma Department examines about 22,000 patients every year. Our Glaucoma Department is involved in many research projects related to genetics, epidemiology and treatment of glaucoma. The Department has state of art treatment facilities including laser and surgical procedures for glaucoma in adults, children and infants. The Department also trains Ophthalmologists in the field of glaucoma.

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Faculty in the department:
Director / Head of Department : Dr B Shantha
Consultants :
Dr. L Vijaya
Dr. Sripriya Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Ronnie Jacob George
Dr. Parivardhini A
Dr. Mona Khurana
Dr. Rathini Lillian David
Dr. Tripti Sudhir Patil
Dr. Sushmitha S
Dr. Nandhini Sankaranarayan
Dr. Nagalekshmi Ganesh

Head of the Department - Glaucoma

Dr B Shantha
Sankara Nethralaya (Main Campus)
18, College Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600 006, Tamil Nadu, India
Email ID :
Ph no. 91-044-28271616 (12 lines)