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Ocular Oncology

The Ocular Oncology Department deals with various cancerous tumours of the eye and surrounding structures. The commonest of the tumour of the eye occur in children and is called ‘Retinoblastoma’. At Sankara Nethralaya we see roughly 80 – 100 new retinoblastoma cases of every year. Hitherto, the only treatment available was removal of the eye, but now with newer technologies, the eye salvage rate has increased tremendously. The department has all such facilities required for eye salvage including Transpupillary Thermo Therapy, cryo therapy, laser photocoagulation, brachytherapy, local radiotherapy and systemic and local chemotherapy. The department has facilities to give in-house chemotherapy.

The second common ocular tumour we see is choroidal melanoma in Adult and for this condition we again have all the facilties for treatment such as Transpupillary Thermo Therapy, brachytherapy, local tumour resection in the form of eye wall resection. The complex vitreoretinal problems that are associated with some of the other intraocular tumours such as choroidal hemangioma, Von Hippel Lindau can be handled well in the department due to the close association with the excellent services of the vitreoretinal department. The department is also well supported by excellent ocular pathology laboratory with two full time ocular pathologists. They are involved not only in routine processing of specimen but in advanced research into the causation of this disease. In fact research into the management of retinoblastoma has taken us into interaction with Nanoscientists, molecular biologists, gene therapists etc., There is also close interaction with the ocular surface clinic for the management of tumours of the surface of the eye and with the Oculoplasty Department for management of orbital tumours.

The Ocular prosthetic clinic is also available for better cosmosis if the eye has to be removed.

List of consultants in the Ocular Oncology Department:

Consultants For Intraocular tumours : Dr Tarun Sharma
Dr Vikas Khetan and
Department of Vitreoretinal Services

For External Diseases :

Dr Rama Rajagopal and Consultants of the Ocular surface clinic
For Orbital tumours : The consultants of oculoplasty services
Medical Oncologist : Dr Anita Ramesh
Radiation Oncologist : Dr R Subramanian
Radiation Physicist : Mr. Sivamuthukumar