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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Research Areas
Analytical chemistry and Assay development Proteomics and Lipidomics Cell culture, Matrix Biology and signal transduction pathways Biochemical pathways in Metabolic Diseases Angiogenesis and drug development
Research - Infrastructure
Research laboratory
Mass Spectrometry Facility
Cell Biology laboratory
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Facility
Electrophoresis Facility
Cloning Facility
Radio isotope laboratory
HPLC analysis
Vitamins A & E
Vitamin C
Tear antioxidants
Drugs – Ampicillin and lidocaine
Enzyme analysis
Matrix metallo proteases
Lysyl oxidase
superoxide dismurtase
Trace element analysis
Duoflow chromatography system
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Copper etc
Processing for 2D electrophoresis
Clinical Proteomics in the discovery of protein peptide biomarkers characteristic of the clinical pathology
Facility Available
Tear protein profile
Peptide analysis : PD Quest 8.0.1.
Two Dimensional gel Electrophoresis (BIORAD) using Immobilized pH Gradient (IPG) strips
Peptide spot analysis using
PD Quest 8.0.1.
GS 800 Calibrated Densitometer
Speed vac concentrator
Analysis of plasma and vitreous omega fatty acids and its derivatives by LC-MS
Cell Biology (Since 2002)
Angiogenesis Extracellular matrix biology Apoptosis Signal transduction studies Toxicology studies Blood retinal barrier function
Retinal Pigment epithelial cells
Primary retinal pericytes
Human Umblical vein
endothelial cells
3D Culture
Stromal derived chondrocytes
Differentiated adipocyte cells
Primary retinal endothelial cells
Established primary cells from Bovine and Human
Primary bovine retinal pigment cells
Retinal pigment cells – Cytokeratin
Primary bovine retinal endothelial cells
Retinal endothelial cells – Factor VIII
Primary bovine retinal pericytes
Retinal Pericytes – NG2
Differentiated adipocyte cell line
Adipocyte – Oil red O stain
Matrigel tube formation assay
Cell apoptosis assay
Cell migration assay