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The Library at Sankara Nethralaya welcomes you. Books are man’s best friends and continue to be the best source of knowledge in any subject or specialty that one may be pursuing. So step into the library today and meet your knowledgeable friend waiting to share the same with you! While the internet is undoubtedly a quick and easy source of information or reference its role is limited and it cannot match books when it comes to providing in-depth and wholesome knowledge. As a knowledge based institution committed to constant acquisition and dissemination of the same for the common good, enhancement of its clinical care through superior knowledge and expertise, the library naturally becomes a focal point at Sankara Nethralaya. The library is the very foundation of the two pillars of the institution namely research and education & training.

Knowledge is power and a well-equipped library is a standing testimony to an institution’s commitment to the enhancement of knowledge of its employees, the medical library with its rich collection of books and journals is a shining example of the same.

The Library is located at the sixth floor, MAHYCO Block. The library houses a vast collection of books mainly related to ophthalmology and allied subjects.

Library working hours:
Monday – Saturday 10.00 a.m. – 09.00 p.m.
Sunday - 10.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.
(The library will remain closed on all other General Holidays).

Mr. A. Shankar Kumar
Mr. G. Arivumuthu

Consultant in charge:
Dr Muna Bhende

About Your Library:

The Library at Sankara Nethralaya was started in 1979 as part of the institution’s firm commitment to constant knowledge acquisition and dissemination. The institution spends a large amount of money to update Research and Clinical oriented text materials at the library every year, it has invested more than Rs.20, 00,000/- for the year 2013-2014 towards updating and replenishing its educational resources. The library is spacious, well furnished, fully air-conditioned and meets the knowledge acquisition and referral needs of Consultants, Research Fellows, Optometrists and Students of Sankara Nethralaya’s educational institutions. An open access system and computerized library management system make usage of the resources available at the library a most pleasant and rewarding experience.

Library Resources:

- Textbooks
- Journals
- Audio CDs
- Video CDs
- DVD`s
- Instrument Manual
- Reprints
- Sankara Nethralaya Publications
- Conference Papers
- Insight/Eyelights

Class / Conference Presentations:

- Workshop
- Seminar
- Capsule
- Handouts
- Grand Round and
- Journal Presentations


A large and rich repertoire of more than 5000 textbooks on ophthalmology, its various specializations and visual sciences besides texts in general medicine are available for circulation and references.


The library subscribes to more than 29 Journals comprising of more than 4 National journals and 25 International journals in the field of ophthalmology and visual sciences.

List of Indian Journals

1.Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
2.Journal of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association
3.MIMS (Medical Index of Medical Specialties)
4.IDR (Indian Drug Review)

List of International Journals Subscribed

01.American Journal of Ophthalmology
02.American Orthoptic Journal
04.British Journal of Ophthalmology
06.Current Eye Research
07.Current Opinion in Ophthalmology
09.Eye and Contact Lens: Clinical Practice
10.International Ophthalmology Clinics
11.JAMA Ophthalmology
12.Journal of AAPOS
13.Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
14.Journal of Glaucoma
15.Journal of Neuro Ophthalmology
16.Journal of Refractive Surgery
17.Ocular Immunology & Inflammation
18.Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive surgery
19.Ophthalmic Laser, Surgery & Imaging
20.Ophthalmic Research
24.Retinal Cases of Brief Reports
25.Survey of Ophthalmology

Online Journals:

The library has a facility to access online journals through our Sankara Nethralaya – Portal page. You have to move your mouse point to Reports and Utilities → Online Journals.

Multimedia Facilities:

The Library has a rich collection of more than 1500 DVDs and 700 audio cassettes.

Internet Access:

The library has 6 computer work stations with various multimedia CD-Roms including Medline and other CD-Rom databases. Internet and E-Mail facilities are also available. .

Sankara Nethralaya – House Journals:

- Scientific Journal of Medical & Vision Research Foundations.

- Quarterly newsletter of Sankara Nethralaya

Other Materials:

The library has copies of instruments Manuals, 35mm Slides of Conference Presentations, Reprints of publications, Seminar and conference/Class Handouts, Conference Papers , Scientific Posters and copies of various articles published by Sankara Nethralaya faculty.

Make a visit to the VRF library a regular habit, explore and discover this storehouse of knowledge right within our premises. Remember that you need to look far beyond your class rooms and curriculum and do so constantly to stay ahead in today’s competitive world and the VRF library is your best bet to go that extra mile!