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Short Term Research Project
Dr. Meenakshi S
Academic Director
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Short Term Research Project Programme

(A unit of Medical Research Foundation)


An intensive SHORT TERM RESEARCH PROJECT PROGRAMME in Basic Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria - Applications are invited from Post-Graduates in Life Sciences (M.Sc. in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Human Genetics (from Arts & Science Colleges) students doing final year B.Tech / M.Tech Biological / Life sciences from Engineering Colleges / Research Institutions. Students pursuing their II year in M.Sc. in Biological Science Programmes and Final Year M.Tech. & B.Tech. in Bio Science Programmes are also eligible to apply.

Project Detail – It is a short term, intensive research project in various Basic Medical Sciences being conducted in the departments of Biochemistry / Bioinformatics / Cell Biology / Human Genetics & Molecular Biology / Microbiology / Stem Cell / Nano Biotechnology / Ocular Pathology for 3 - 4 months from December to March every academic year by the Vidyasagar Institute of Biomedical Technology and Science (VIBS), a unit of the Medical Research Foundation.

Project Duration - 1st December 2016 to 31st March 2017

The Application form can be downloaded from

Project Course Fees: Rs.15, 000/-

Rules and Regulations to be strictly adhered by the student while undergoing the short term Research project programmes at VIBS (A Unit of Medical Research Foundation)

The Short term Research work for the current year will start from 1st December 2016 and extend up to March 2017. The duly filled in applications should be submitted through proper channel by HOD / Head of the applicant’s institution accompanied with a covering letter.
The students are eligible to undergo their short term project in any of the Basic Medical Sciences Departments - Genetics & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Medical Microbiology, Nano-Biotechnology & Stem cell laboratory.
The project work will be assigned by the respective department guides from the ”Ongoing Research Projects” approved by Institutional Research Board & Ethics Committee, funded by Government or private funding agencies.
Students should apply stating their first & second subject of preference, depending on their interest in the above mentioned subjects. The student will be allotted either the first or the second preference, depending on the availability of seats.
The title for the short term project will be given by the respective guide in each Department and only one student can work on a particular title. It should be noted that a single short term project cannot be shared by two students / two students cannot work in one project title.
The time of joining the project work is flexible (i.e) on any working day from 1st December to 5th January 2017. The student is expected to work for 8 hours each day from Monday to Friday every week.
In case the student needs to report the progress of the work to his/her college or attend any class or to appear for any exam in the respective college during the project period, local students (residing in Chennai) will be allowed to take a maximum of 2 days and students from outside Chennai a maximum of 3 days leave with prior permission from the Guide & HOD of the respective department.
The dissertation work carried out at Medical Research Foundation should not be published or presented in any Conference / Seminar / Publication in any form without the written consent of the concerned Guide & HOD from Medical Research Foundation. Students are instructed not to do the same project in their own institution or at a different site. The Certificate for dissertation will be signed only by the Guide(s) from Medical Research Foundation. The student’s internal guide from his/her college is not eligible/authorized to sign the certificate.
Confidentiality of the Research work is to be maintained by the student. No part of the data or the dissertation work will be used by the candidate for any other purpose. An undertaking to this effect should be signed both by the student as well as the respective guide from the parent Institution / College.
If the student needs to discontinue the project work at any point of time, the respective guide, HOD & VIBS office should be informed.
Fees paid by the Short Term Project students will not be refunded at any point of time.
Project completion certificate will be provided to the candidate after submitting the e-copy of the dissertation work and the PPT slides of final presentation through the respective HODs to VIBS office for record purpose.

The duly filled in Application through proper channel along with the CV should be sent to the Vidyasagar Institute of Biomedical Technology & Science (VIBS), Medical Research Foundation, 41/18, College Road, Chennai – 600 006 from August 3rd week onwards. However the selected candidates will be communicated of the same only in the last week of October 2016 individually by e.mail followed by regular post.

No enquiries will be entertained regarding selection before the official announcement.
For further details contact Phone: 28271616 Extn: 1350.

The project fee of Rs.15, 000/- needs to be paid only after receiving the selection letter from VIBS during the 1st week of November 2016.

Short Term project Course Fee : RS. 15,000/-
DURATION: 1st DECEMBER 2016 – 31st MARCH 2017
LAST DATE : 21st October 2016
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