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Sankara Nethralaya

About Us

Quality Policy

We pledge to meet the patients’ requirements by offering expert ophthalmic care with compassion through a dedicated and committed team of well qualified and trained professionals.

We commit to dispense quality service at every stage through the Quality Management System while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Quality Objectives

Patient safety and well-being shall always be our top priority. We shall strive for continuous quality improvement and comply with international standards to implement quality systems.

To maintain the quality of ophthalmic services on par with international standards.
Optimum utilization of infrastructural facilities, including manpower.
To ensure continued patient satisfaction through delivery of high class Medicare with a personal touch.
To ensure high levels of staff satisfaction and motivation and facilitate continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills through constant learning and training initiatives.

Quality Initiatives

Sampling of air and culture plates to ensure sterility in the operation theatres
Close monitoring of sterilized items used in the operation theatre. Ensuring water quality used for consumption within the campus.
Clinical audit of patient records.
Close monitoring and reporting of any cases of hospital infection and other incidents.

Quality - The by word of our service.

All patients receive the same care at our Hospitals. Trained and dedicated professionals with ready access to state-of-the art ophthalmic infrastructure render high quality eye care without bias to both the paying and the poor and needy patients.

We ensure consistent quality by earnestly following systems and procedures meticulously and are the FIRST ISO 9002 certified Eye Hospital in Asia. We have also introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) policies and have been recently audited by BVQI who have recommended re-certification to us.

The main hospital, the Jagadguru Kanchi Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Nethra Nilayam (JKCN Complex) and the CU Shah Sankara Nethralaya enjoy NABH accreditation, the highest recognition in the health care sector.

Thanks to innovative information technology devices, the expertise of Sankara Nethralaya is available to a large section of society. Its innovative telemedicine approach, ensures the availability of basic eye care all over Tamil Nadu. We shall continue to practice "non-commercial" medicine. We shall propagate and practice 'institutional practice' - as it results in scientific practice and inculcates 'team work', shared responsibility and optimum utilization of available resources. We believe that collective functioning yields better results. We shall offer education that sharpens the analytical skills of the mind, builds character and cultivates responsibility and accountability in each individual for his or her work.

The concepts of Nethralaya are unique. Describing it as a “Privatized public sector" would be apt. But perhaps the best description of Sankara Nethralaya would be the "Physical perception of a Divine will".

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