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The department of Nanobiotechnology, Vision Research Foundation, a unit of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai was started in 2008 as a cutting edge division and has now materialized into a well-equipped, state of the art lab.

Department of Nanobiotechnology plays a significant role in doing cutting edge research in targeted drug/gene delivery for ophthalmic diseases.

Nanobiotechnology department is also trying to make nanobiosensors for qualitative and quantitative analysis of key biomolecules related to ophthalmic diseases that will help ophthalmologists to diagnosis and prognosis of diseases in future.

Dr.S.Krishnakumar started work using nanotechnology on receiving the DBT International Fellowship. His research is on the use of recombinant aptamers for efficient delivery to RB and to target cancer stem cells which express EpCAM. He is also involved in aptamer fabrication for molecular targeting of polymeric nanoparticles. Most of this work is in collaboration with national and international partners; ILS, IIT Madras, SASTRA, University of Missouri and Deakin, Australia.

Dr.Sailaja Elchuri is PhD from Hyderabad Central University, and Post doctoral research fellowship for about 5 years from UCSF and Stanford University. She had joined Sankara Nethralaya, in the year 2011 as an adjunct faculty. She has good experience in phosphoproteomics expertise in Prof.Gary Nolan’s Lab at Stanford University, and Nanotechnology and Nanobiology at CCNE-TR in Stanford University under the leadership of Prof.Samuel Sanjiv Gambhir.

Dr.J.Narayanan joined in March 2011 after completing his Ph.D from Anna University in 2010. He is involved in the fabrication of MEMS based platform for the detection of oligonucleotides in serum. His work also includes novel conjugates for targeting tumors.

Dr. Anandhi Upendran currently serves as Director of Research for Nanoparticle Biochem, Inc. and also additionally serves as an adjunct faculty in Department of Physics at University of Missouri. She is currently involved in translating the biocompatible, non-toxic, and readily injectable gold nanoparticles for prostate, breast and cancers. Typically, she is involved in establishing and validating the quality control parameters of drug candidate, design and coordinate pre-clinical and Phase I level evaluation in small and large animal models. Dr Anandhi Upendran has joined Sankara Nethralaya as an adjunct faculty.

Dr. Raghuraman Kannan is a faculty of Radiology at University of Missouri (MU) and has been a faculty member at MU since 2005. He leads the program on clinical translation of nanomedicine at MU. Dr. Kannan has been actively involved in the design and development of nanomedicine drugs and metal based radioactive pharmaceuticals for over 13 years. As a Principal Investigator of NIH-funded grants in the field of nanomedicine. Dr. Kannan has developed a library of biocompatible, non-toxic, and readily injectable gold nanoparticles for prostate, breast and pancreatic cancers. Dr.Raghuraman Kannan has joined Sankara Nethralaya as an adjunct faculty.

Head of the Department: Dr.S.Krishnakumar MD
Reader: Dr.Sailaja Elchuri, PhD
Dr.Anandhi Upendran Ph.D
Dr.Raghuraman Kannan
Senior Scientist: Dr.J.Narayanan, Ph.D
Research Fellows : Jaisy Samuel
Sushma Kalmodia
Nithya S
Deepa M
Shyama V
Saranya N
Prasanna Kumar A