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…….Sritam Jena

Suffering from high myopia (-6.75D) for last 5 years was a point of concern for me. It never feels good to be out depending wholly on your specs. Spectacles had almost become a part of my body. I felt miserable when I had to sacrifice cricket and football because of my eye power. Even during dance practice you need to divert some of your attention in holding your glasses intact. Worst was the case for me when I was dancing on the stage. Nobody likes to see a performer with a high power specs instead of cool goggles. With time I had to silently sacrifice so many of your likings because of my high eye power.

I was looking out for options to do away with my eye power. It was then that I first got to know about your foundation from one of my seniors. After some serious “google-ing”, I finally made up my mind to go for LASIK at your centre. Right from my first visit to your centre I was impressed. The hospitality of the medical staffs, transparency in procedures involved, sticking to the committed time schedule, sophisticated medical instruments and hygiene were some of the features that really moved me. The best thing in the whole process was the man who made it look so simple at the end, Dr. Sagar Bhargava. It was his confidence and professionalism that instilled in me a sense of relief that I was in the safe hands. A nice gentleman and a kind hearted person, he explained pros and cons of the surgery quite lucidly. It was only because of his assurance that I could convince my parents to go for LASIK under his supervision.

Any surgery arouses fear and doubt in one’s mind. And when it comes to eyes, it’s even more terrible. But I had never imagined that the entire LASIK surgery would go so smoothly. Painless and satisfying could best describe my experience inside OT room. I was in full conscious during the entire surgery and was kept well informed about the procedures that were being carried out on my eyes. Many find it difficult to digest the fact that I was operated and discharged in just an hour!!!

It gives me immense sense of satisfaction being operated at Sankara Nethralaya, Kolkata LASIK centre. I would like to take this opportunity here to thank Dr. Sargar Bhargava for giving me a whole new world now to live and enjoy. At the same time I also extend my sincere gratitude for all the Medical officials and staffs of the centre for their sincere efforts. At this very onset I would also like to wish for the continuing success in every stride of Sankara Nethralya Foundation. And for all the people who are in the queue, here is a quote for you:

“Beauty lies In the EYES of the beholder”

…….Mr. Rafsan Raid Chowdhury, Bnagladesh

The receptionist is very courteous and has taken very good care of mine.

…….Mr. Anil Mantri, Kolkata

The optometrist behavior was more than my expectation. They were well trained and co-operative to me.

……Mr. Shravan Kr Kantha, Bhuwaneswar

I am very happy with my LASIK procedure and also with the services rendered by the doctors, optometrist, and also the non-medical staffs.

……..Mr.Samarthan De, Howrah

The services extended at Sankara Nethralaya LASIK centre are very nice and a well maintained, hygienic environment is provided to the patients.

…….Ms. Sonali Sen, Kolkata

Each and every staff of the centre is cooperative and very well informed about the CCL procedures.

..........Mr. Aniket Sengupta, North 24 Parganas

Lot of care has been taken for my patient in Sankara Nethralaya Lasik Centre.

……….Mr. Vijay Solomon, Hong Kong

Dr. Sagar Bhargava has been very patience & courteous while treating me.

…….Mr Saket Mishra, Dhanbad

The doctors were very competent and the staffs are supportive.

…….Mr Asish Kr Bhar

The foresaid steps for lasik are quite streamlined. For a new comer also there will be no confusion and helpful direction abounds.

……Mr Sanjay Pandey, Kolkata

I have nothing more to say as the management is quite efficient.

……..Ms Aparajita Singh, Purulia

I am very impressed with the service provided by the Lasik team. I have received excellent service at the LASIK Reception and the Pre & Post Lasik instructions were also very helpful for me.

……..Ms. Aparajita Kar Mahapatra, Midnapur

I am very happy with my LASIK procedure. I don’t have to use glasses anymore which is my main reason of going through the procedure.