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Am extremely happy and satisfied with the procedure of lasik. I was turn down by other leading hospitals which did not suggest me intra lasik because of my thin cornea. However Dr.Sudhir from Sankara Nethrayala double checked my eyes and suggested Femto opti lasik. Dr.Rama Rajagopal had treated me she is extremely having lot of patience to treat patients Its my fourth day now and i am comfortable without my glasses.

Sankara Nethralaya made my dream come true.

P.S: I should really mention Mr.Senthil kumaran .I was very surprised he could remember each patient and attenders name as i was little hesitant and afraid about lasik, Mr.Senthil walked through the procedure and reassured my safety and took away my fear. Thank u again Mr.Senthil


After undergoing a Femtosecond LASIK Treatment, I will say the outcome of surgery is really Magical. I was wearing specs for around 12 years and the power in both of my eyes was -6. Initially I had a doubt about the outcome of LASIK procedure and so I was in a dilemma. But the explanation given to me by you at the time of consultation was Excellent and that gave me a lot of confidence to go for LASIK. Had a successful surgery on 4th Jan 2013 and the vision got better within few hours after the surgery. Followed the Post LASIK Instructions given to me and Returned to work after 2 weeks. I am feeling great when doing my work without Specs now.

Thanks to Dr.R.R.Sudhir, Mr.Senthilkumaran and all others in LASIK Wing for your guidance and support. Thanks once again to Sankara Nethrayala for doing this awesome procedure in an Excellent Way.


First of all i would like to thank Sankara Nethralaya Lasik clinic. I had a power of 5.5 in both eyes with cylindrical vision too and was using contact lenses for more than 4 years. I just went for a consultation on lasik but after getting to know about the treatment facilities, i have decided to do lasik.Thanks to Mr. Senthil who explained us about the lasik treatment which gave us a comfort that it is good to do LASIK. First day i went for a pre-check when they checked my power and retina and also corneal thickness whether my eyes are gud to do lasik. It was so easy that we fixed appointment for lasik in a week.

I was really tensed on the day but Dr.Sudhir gave me support i needed for getting relaxed. It was for 1 hour that he performed the surgery and it was painless. Only thing we need to do is that listen to doctor's words and avoid blinking while doing the surgery. Complete rest for another two weeks is essential for your eyes. And use your tear drops regularly. And post-surgery, you have to get your periodic check ups done. i am a software professional and its almost one year since i had taken surgery and i am absolutely fine. My vision is clear and its great that its without my lenses I wanted to thank Sankara Nethralaya team, Dr. Sudhir and Mr. Senthil especially for giving me support and help me gain my vision. I feel really very happy to be treated with SN team. And i wish everyone the same too

.........R Rubini, Lead Engineer-Hcl Technologies, Chennai.

As a token of gratitude to “The Temple of the Eye”, I would like to share my authentic views that gave the road to the end of my duress. I had been into the circle of wearing spectacles for the past 10 years and the emerging technologies made to push myself outside the circle. Drifting all around Chennai highly scrupulous, I landed up to a hospital which made me to reverse my decision of going for surgery. The method of operation suggested was ICL, by which I was not pleased and it was not cost effective too. The chaos that prevailed among the doctors for choosing the method of operation made them to act in a temperamental way bulldozing me to accept their appeal right away. This paved a way to forgo the surgery in that hospital.

Then, a week later, I approached Sankara Nethralaya. The art of counselling was at its best wherein I got the complete picture of why I should opt for the Epi-Lasik surgical method. Mr. Senthil Kumaran chief executive of Lasik department gave me much confidence. The medical parameters of my eyes were given precisely rendered by Mr.Senthil Kumaran, after which I convinced myself to take the surgery. He is the man with loads and loads of patience to treat his patients. He was so genuine and concerned in delivering his work and keeps tracking my condition till date. On the day of my surgery, I was informed about what is the process that will be done. Really got relieved of all the pressure and I was very happy on that day, knowing very well the outcome of my surgery.

My sincere thanks Dr. R.R. Sudhir, for explaining all the post operative complications and methods to overcome such things. The post surgical directions were much helpful and informative. I also want to thank Mr. Vijay for his concern towards me and Mr. Lakshmanan, Mr. Samba Sivan- man with unique voice .Each and every one is very much dedicated and we cannot forget them throughout our life.

A couple of weeks later, I realized the betterment in my eyesight changing the way of my life. I was very much impressed by the wholesome travel into the Sankara Nethralaya and thumbs up to all those in that team!

Once again, I put forward my thankfulness to the entire team Dr.R.R.Sudhir, Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Mr.Vijay, Mr. Lakshmanan, Mr. Samba Sivan and I would suggest Sankara Nethralaya as the best for all those who would like to go for treatment for eyesight problems.

.........Regards, Anithaa Venu, Software Engineer, Infosys.

I have been wearing specs for about 7 years. I heard about Lasik surgery through friends and I approached Sankara Nethralaya, the best ophthalmology research institution in India. I could get my appointment fixed for consultation within no time.

Mr.Senthil Kumaran had explained me the nature of surgery in a very understanding manner and gave me the confidence to have fearless surgery. Then I was taken for pre operative tests and I was comfortable by the efficient services given by the staff. The surgery was done by Dr.Geetha Krishnan Iyer who counselled me before and during surgery to make myself more comfortable. My heartiest thanks to Dr.Geetha Krishnan Iyer.

Mr.Senthil Kumaran was so courteous to our phone calls for the post operative follow up for recovery. Special thanks to him.
I am pleased to place on record my heartiest thanks to Dr.Prema Padmanaban, Dr.Geetha Krishnan Iyer and Mr.Senthil Kumaran and Mr.Vijay Kumar for the efficient service given to me.

Thanks to Sankara Nethralaya.

.........Ms R.Rhyhana, Software Engineer, Tata consultancy services.

The experience at Sankara Nethralaya was amazing. When I decided to do Lasik surgery, I was hesitant in the beginning, whether to do or not. After that when the decision was made, I chose Sankara Nethralaya, as they are the best.

The counselling session helped me overcome all my fears, and I would like to thank Mr.Senthil, who gave me lot of confidence to go ahead with the surgery.

I would like to thank Dr.Prema, who made the surgery very simple and painless.

Now I am recommending all my friends and relatives to do Lasik only at Sankara Nethralaya.

.........H. Jayavadivu, Manager-Credit Analyst, State bank of India-Chennai.

First of all I would like to thank Sankara Nethralaya LASIK team members.

I had LASIK and ICL Surgery in both eyes in this year March .Now I am very Much satisfied by the treatment.

My vision is superb now. Now I can able to see without wearing spectacles. It gives very happiness to my life.

I want to thank to Dr.R.R Sudhir.

Sambasivan & Lakshman: These are the two people gave appointments to concern the doctor.whenever I asked queries to these people they had a lot of patience rectified my queries.

Senthil: Baskar only introduce Senthil to me. When day one Senthil take care of my routine checkups till my surgery schedule.He was very sincere his work. He explain the entire treatments what I had. Thank you senthil for your great patience.

Once again I want to thank Sambasivan, Lakshman, Senthil and Dr.R.R Sudhir.

.........Ms. Srividhya, Software engineer, Tata consultancy services.

I had been using contact lens for almost 8 years. Being dependant on contact lens left me feel disabled.

Doing Lasik at Sankara Nethralaya is the best decision I ever made. The surgery was over in minutes. The process is quick and painless. I felt a slight discomfort but only for a few hours on the first day. The recovery will be very fast if we observe the instructed precautions. It is like a miracle. My vision is sharp and clear.

Dr.Sudhir, Mr.Senthil Kumaran and their team made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the procedure.

Special thanks to Mr.Senthil Kumaran. He is just a phone call away for all doubts and queries. He took special care not just during the surgery but even now. He keeps track of my reviews and reminds me every time I need a check up.

The work ethics, pre and post surgery consultation and the professional approach of the entire team greatly impressed me. Cheers and keep up the great work.

I wish the team all the very best! Thanks,

.........Ms.Vennila Soundarapandiyan, IT –Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services.

This is valliammai from trichy, 2 weeks back I have undergone an Lasik treatment, my eyes are now very good; from 10 yrs I had power in my eyes; since i should wear glasses; I never told my parents that I had power till 18 yrs; so my power has increased up to -5 and -6; I started wearing contact lenses; which were comfortable, but lot of care should be taken to maintain the lenses; since I am married and having a 3 yrs old kid ,I was unable to maintain with lenses and glasses; so I had an idea of Lasik treatment and approached Sankara Nethralaya; and met senthil kumaran senior executive in Lasik department; he counselled us about the various types of lasers treatments and gave more details of eyes, and retina etcs; i learnt from him that we should not rub our eyes often as that causes the major problem for eye; he was an excellent advisor for us,thanku sir for that; starting i was wondering really will Lasik go on well and will my eyes become normal again; i had this treatment done by doctor sudhir; and now I can see that world with my real eyes; After 25 yrs I am seeing this world without glasses; I am very happy, thanks to Sankara Nethralaya; my eyes are very normal like a normal person; now I am able to read small letters also easily; Thanks to mr.senthil kumaran,as without him i would not have undergone this treatment and thanks to the doctors and all the other staffs.


I'm glad that I had my LASIK (Femto second) surgery at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

The very next day I have started to enjoy my new vision. Its been only 1 week I had the surgery and I believe its going to get much better.

The reception and consultation was very good and was able to finish my preliminary tests within no time.

The surgery was painless and the instructions given to me during the surgery are perfect. My sincere thanks to Dr. Prema who executed my surgery very well.The post lasik instructions given by you are very good which left no doubts in our minds and helped for good recovery.

I wish to have my regular checkups with Sankara Nethralaya and be a part.

.........Jagan, Software Engineer, Computer Science Corporation India Pvt Ltd

I would like to pay a small tribute and express my gratitude towards the services and treatment offered to me by Sankara Nethralaya, aptly called as the Temple of Eye.

I am 24 and had been using specs for almost 15 years. It all started when i faced difficulty in reading the board in school. The doctor gave me specs with -0.5 correction that day and it went on increasing over the period of time till it settled at -6.0 and -6.5 for left and right eyes respectively.

I had been a regular visitor at Sankara Nethralaya so I knew that I had the option to go for the surgery as my eye sight had stabilized. During the initial investigation, doctors @ SN found weak spots in my retina, so i had to undergo a small treatment for the same a month before.

Day before Surgery (11th Sep, 2012):

I took an appointment for Pre-LASIK eye examination and the optometrist did a complete check for my eyes to know if my eyes are fit for the surgery. Luckily, all tests favoured me and my Cornea thickness was good enough to go for LASIK or Femto-Second LASIK. I would like to express my thanks to the Optometrist (Poornima, if i remember the correct name) for being co-operative and answering all my queries which came out of curiosity.

Although I was given a Go for the treatment, I was still not sure about going for it as nobody from my family was around. I met Dr Prema the same day to take opinions about it and her words gave me the confidence I needed. She explained in details about the procedure and told me that there is a 10 sec timeframe which is the most important part of the surgery and I should keep my eyes still at that time. Believe me, I even practiced this when i came home!!!

Day of Surgery (12th Sep, 2012):

I opted for LASIK and everything happened as explained by Prema M'am. She along with the team even guided me through the surgery about the things going on. It was just a 4-5 min affair for each eye with a 5 min break in between.

I could experience close to perfect vision within an hour but I had a mild irritation in the eyes which was common as the doctors had already told. One of the eyes had red spots which faded with time.

Day after Surgery (13th Sep, 2012):

I met Dr Bhaskar next day and he confirmed that my eyes are perfect now with +0.0 in both the eyes. It was an ecstatic feeling after listening to this.

The mild irritation in the eyes also went away and I adhered to the Do's and Dont's as asked by the doctors.

I am quite happy with the service and treatment provided to me by Sankara Nethralaya to get the perfect vision. All the staffs were co-operative and good in their responsibilities. My heartiest thanks to Dr Prema to let me live a specs-free life. Special thanks to Mr Senthil Kumaran for post surgery counseling sessions over phone.

Hats off to the LASIK Team at Sankara Nethralaya...

.........Mohammad Ziauddin, Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai.

'I had undergone Lasik surgery on Sept 24'th 2012. It's been a week now and I am recovering well.

Dr Bhaskar Srinivasan, who was my surgeon, gave complete information and understanding on how this procedure will be done. All the pros and cons were explained clearly. The surgery was quite quick. Took almost 20 - 25 minutes.

I am on the recovery phase now. I would like to thank the entire team in the surgery room who were very supportive. I am grateful for the support and facilitation extended by Mr.Senthil Kumaran'.

.........Jayalakshmi, Software Engineer, Accenture Technologies

I should first admit, thank & appreciate the entire team on the ground for providing right information, guidance & support pre, during & post operative process. Not only doctor's, but right from the helpers, optometrist, counsellors all are knowledgable on the Lasik procedures.

Our Journey:
We have decided to go for a Lasik, but had a fear as my wife had very high power (-12 in one eye & -9 in another eye). Upon consultation with my uncle, decided to approach SN.

I should say, when we stepped in for consultation we had a fear. Optometrists did a initial checkup & recommended for few tests. We were cluless why to go for tests even before meeting the doctor & confirming whether it is feasible to go for LASIK being the power is so high...

We got clarified that, initial tests reveals my wife can undergo this treatment & they recommended to go for the tests if we are not interested on specs & contact lens. I should appreciate the optometrists, as they are so good & knowledge enough to provide all these information upfront which actually helped us to save time.

Post pre-operative tests, we were taken to a counselling & the counsellor as well got confirmation on our interest on LASIK Upon confirmation, he walked us through the end-to-end procedure & half of our fear was gone. Then, we were taken to the doctor & our goodness, doctor also reconfirmed our interest & then only started explaining the procedure. Counselling section helped us greately as we were able to quickly grasp on doctor's explanation & as well helped us to get prepared for clarifying few questions.By the end of a session, we got a basic knowledge on different methods of LASIK, pros & cons of each methodology & the recommended method for the patient based on the eye structure, power, thickness of cornea & other parameters...

We got a 100% clarity & got rid of fear, but at the end of the explanation, doctor added, patient plays important role during the surgery (patient has to keep the eyes open & static for few seconds (say 15 to 20 seconds)) & failing to obey the instructions may result result in residual power / failure. This statement made us to go back to our earlier stage....i.e. fear on the surgery.

Expressing our fear, doctor said it's just a word of caution & said would be operated post anesthesia which helps to keep the eyes static. Though it was satisfactory, we left with a residual fear & with a appointment for surgery.

On the surgery day, we met few patients who got operated & upon their comments, we got relaxed. My wife was taken to a room and came back within 20 minutes. Her experience inside the OT was so pleasing & comfortable. Post operation, she had irritation & tears was poring...we were educated once again on post operative procedure, & medication by the counsellor & was asked to go back to home within an hour of surgery & which was a real surprise to us as we thought it would bare minimum takes half a day.

When we reached home, we observed that both the eyes has a red spot, but we are not worried as was educated on the post operative signs. Next day again we stepped into the hospital for post operative checkup & confirmed eyes are looking good. Doctor, cousellor recommended to continue the medication for a month & have a checkup after a month.

We were really surprised on the result they revealed...initial checkup post operation reveald that my wife has ZERO power. We are waiting to complete the medication & for a first month checkup to get a feel of it...

I wish the hospital & the managment to continue the service & keep up the quality in coming years as well...Also, I would say this team is the perfect example of the team work.

.........A V Karthik

I am Jhanani working with Tata Consultancy Services as Sofware Engineer.
I underwent ICL Surgery by July 2012 and I am happy to share my experience that i had with Sankara Nethralaya.

My Early days:
When i was in my first standard i was diagonised with short sight and hence I had to wear very thick glasses.Then as i grew up I was fed up wearing thick glasses so changed over to contacts.

For about 7 yrs i was wearing contacts and only about four years i was comfortable with contact lenses.Then frequently (ie:once in 3 months) i had my eye infections due to contact lens. I approached many opthamalogists but none of them were ready to give me permanent solution .The only solution was that i ll be prescribed some drops and i was asked not to wear lens for about two months and those days were really horrible as i was not happy to wear my thick glasses.By May 2012 i finally got a solution from Sankara Nethralaya.

Pre operative days:
I made an appoinment with Sankara Nethralaya mainly to find a solution to get rid of contact lenses.My Vision was a -10 in my left eye and a -7 in my right eye. After being examined by Dr.RR.Sudhir , he stated that he could help me with my vision problem and the only option for me was to have implantable contact lenses as my cornea were too thin to ungergo Laser surgery.

Doctor then suggested me for Councelling. The HOD Mr.Senthil of the Laser department understood my situation and gave me counselling regarding ICL.I initially felt nervous and apprehensive about the treatment but everything was clearly explained to me in such a way that i became confident enough to take up the surgery.

Everything in Sankara Netrhrlaya is Organised.Before fixing the dates for the surgery I was asked to undergo certain tests to find whether my condition is suitable to undergo ICL. Luckily by God's grace my eyes were healthy enough to undergo the surgery.

Post operative days:
I was initially little nervous about the surgery but my DR attention towards me and the care made me comfortable with the surgery. Having had the first eye done I noticed onsiderable improvement the following day.Sometime after the operation I was amazed that as soon as I opened my eyes I could see a bit blurry to start with but the vision just kept getting better. During surgery there was no discomfort. Even with recovery there was hardly any discomfort rarely i had pain which was tolerable and i was prescribed with drops and medicines.

By the time I woke the next morning a new world had opened up to me. I was expecting good results, but this is fantastic. I could see straight away For the first time I can see everything in detail. the treatment I received and the after care were really great. Soon a week after the surgery, i was asked to come for checkup were i was surprised to know that
My prescription is now approx 0.0 in my left eye and 0.0 in my right ICL had completely changesd my life, I feel more confident.I can enjoy life, exercising, dancing without my glasses bobbing up and down on my nose.I am delighted I went ahead with it.Each and every person employed with Sankara Nethralaya (sweeper,nurses ,staffs,Doctors,lift women,room cleaner )were too kind enough and they wer too caring. I would certainly recommend the procedure to anyone with severe short sightedness to undergo ICL in Sankara Nethralaya.

I would like to Thank everbody at Sankara Nethralaya and the surgery clinic for the way they treated me and for changing my life forever.I will be grateful to Dr.RR.Sudhir and to Mr.Senthil all throughout my life.

.........Jhanani, Sofware Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

Why I mentioned dear team is because, for the one month, I had been to Sankara Nethralaya for treatment, right from Security to top doctor ( Dr. Prema Padmanaban) were highly supportive, encouraging and respectful. I missed my vehicle keys and the security staff kept the keys safe.

I am 41 years old with a power of minus 10. I was wearing specs for almost more than half my age and then for 10 years contact lenses. I consulted many doctors for the Lasik treatment and most of them suggested not to go for this treatment because of my high power and age.

The day I walked into Sankara Nethralaya, I was sure I would get a negative answer that I am not eligible for procedure and that the treatment if done would need a second round of procedure, frankly, I was not prepared for a second procedure. Right from Counseling till the procedure, I was very lucky, I could get the appointment from the best doctor Dr Prema Padmanabhan who encouraged and said, that I can read without glasses and do not need contacts after procedure, still with only improved confidence.

Next day I was given the appointment and the procedure was done within 15 min. I was highly excited that after 41 years I am seeing the world with MY EYES.

Now after a month, I realize that the Sankara Nethralaya team has brought a change to my life.

I could attend the board meeting without the thick glasses, without any worry that my I am wearing contacts for long hours which is not good, I can stay for extra hours in the office and most of all, I feel I have more time in the morning and evening which i used to spend for cleaning the contact lenses to keep them safe everyday for 20min. I need not ask someone to hold my specs when i could not wear them. I do not have to bother searching for my specs, I can see face to face and all no comments. .. ALL IS NOW GONE,

I feel more confident, healthy, secure and...... have NO WORDS TO SAY
thank you SANKARA NETRALAYA AND regards to Senthil Kumaran and madam Dr. Prema Padmanabhan.

I wish to make a small contribution for treatment to the poor and wish someone to have a happy vision.

.........Chandra Sekhar

I want to take a moment to thank you and your team at the Sankara Nethralaya for the outstanding care provided to me on a recent visit.

I decided to undergo LASIK treatment at Sankara Nethralaya Hospital, Chennai. Dr. R. Sudhir thoroughly explained me what I would be going through in easy-to-understand terms, right down to the smallest of details

The Nethralaya Procedures Center staff was great on the day of my surgery. Everything took place as scheduled and, sensing a bit of pre-surgery anxiety on my part, the nurses and other caregivers were understanding and comforting. Following the procedure I was taken to the 4th floor where I received exceptionally attentive care. The nurses and aids knew what exactly was needed and when. They were experienced, sensitive, friendly and kind “everything a patient expects. Doctors, staff and nurses absolutely professional and the top of their most importantly were caring, compassionate, treated me like a member of their own family as well always keeping us informed, never too busy to answer our questions anytime, assuring us they were doing all they could to help with LASIK treatment. Dr.R. Sudhir performed the surgery and was absolutely outstanding every step of the way.

I want to thank especially Dr. R. Sudhir and nurses at Nethralaya for all of their help and support. They took me such wonderful care and gave me the knowledge and support I needed. I must note that ALL of the doctors and nurses were wonderful. Please pass along my thanks for the wonderful treatment for my LASIK experienced at SANKARA NETHRALAYA Center on June 8th 2012. My follow up care with Dr. R. Sudhir and his staff in the months following the surgery has been equally impressive.

The medical outcome is what I and my family had hoped for (I'm spec-free!) and I am deeply grateful for the care I received at Sankara Nethralaya. What a special place!!!

.........Jinto George Elavanthingal

Sankara Nethralaya is heaven for anyone who wants to get their eyes checked/operated. THE BEST SERVICE, NICEST STAFF AND MOST KNOWLEDGABLE DOCTORS!

I had my epilasik surgery done in February. It has been almost 6 months and it feels wonderful to not have to wear glasses anymore! I made a very good friend from Nethralaya, Mr. SenthilKumaran, who is so patient and helpful! He made me feel at ease before and after my surgery. If not for him I would not have gone through with the procedure!

I was also very lucky to have one of the best surgeons operate my eye! Dr.Prema and her team were so experienced! Her calm, composed demeanor helped me relax during surgery! I have been using various eye drops for the last 6 months as prescribed by my doctor. And my vision has been clear so far! I am extremely grateful and thankful to Sankara Nethralaya for giving me freedom from glasses! and I recommend everyone to come here for any eye-related problems! Their service is world-class!

.........Ms. Sitarasuresh

I am very glad to speak about the service provided by Sankara Nethralaya.

I have been coming regularly for my eye check up for the past 6 years. Till now I haven’t undergone any troublesome situation. Especially when I had my Epilasik surgery performed, initially I was afraid. But the counseling provided by Senthil Kumaran sir, made me feel comfortable and fear free. And even after the surgery the regular check up by Dr.R.R. Sudhir and special care taken by Senthil Kumaran sir was exceptionally good. The service provided by the members in the Lasik lab, and the receptionist were remarkable. I am very much satisfied by the wonderful service by the members of Sankara Nethralaya.

Thank you all.

.........Sakthi Priya

I have undergone Lasik surgery last month. Very interesting wonders happened that’s only possible at our Sankara Nethralaya. I didn’t even think that I could undergo Lasik at all. Actually I had visited two big hospitals before coming to Sankara Nethralaya, in both hospitals I came across the same situation that is “I am not suitable for Lasik’ expressed by doctors. I was asked to go for IOL (intraocular lens) that is inserting of lens in the eye. My parents and I were so scared of that. So I dropped the plan of undergoing Lasik. At last one fine day we visited Sankara Nethralaya as suggested by my relatives. On the very first day all went well and I was asked to take some preliminary test that is pre-Lasik test, so I came on another day but I was still not confident that I was suitable for Lasik surgery. It was really a wonder that happened at Sankara Nethralaya which was not expected at all. Although the Ophthalmologists said I can go ahead with the surgery, I still had doubts about my corneal thickness and other things. Actually I had been rejected for Lasik treatment in previous hospitals because of my Corneal thickness that’s why I had my own strong doubts. Then I got the appointment with Dr.Prema Madam. She explained each and everything in Lasik procedure to me, she clarified my doubts about my corneal thickness and reassured that there was no problem in undergoing Lasik surgery. I got confident after listening to her and conveyed the same to my parents which they accepted and I proceeded to Lasik Surgery. Now my surgery is over and I am extremely happy for leading a glass free life.

I extend my gratitude to Dr.Prema Madam and whole team who made it possible. My Hearty Thanks to Senthil Kumaran Sir for his concern towards us and also thanks to Sambasivan and Laxman for helping us in appointments. They really helped us. I am suggesting Sankara Nethralaya to my friends also.

.........Ms.Chandana, Software Engineer, COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES

My Hearty Thanks to Sankara Nethralaya, the ‘Temple of the Eye’.

I am really impressed with the care exercised by this organization.

I underwent EPI-LASIK procedure five months back, at your renowned Institution. I was extremely scared before undergoing this surgery, since eyes are the most delicate part of our body. My corneal thickness was also less, so the attending doctor suggested me to undergo Epi-lasik.

I had lots of doubts regarding this procedure. So I met Mr.Senthil Kumaran to clear my doubts. He explained the entire procedure very clearly and answered all my questions patiently and encouraged me to undergo the treatment without any fear.

Finally I underwent surgery on December 2011, after which very clear post operative instructions were given by him. He helped me throughout the procedure starting from Pre-operative till post operative process. My Special hearty thanks to him..!!!

Dr.Prema Padmanaban did the Epi-Lasik treatment for my eyes in a wonderful way and retrieved my vision back. My heart filled sincere thanks to her...!!!

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and care given by her.

My vision has become normal after the surgery. Now I have shed off my glasses.....!!!

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Mr. Vijay Kumar, who explained about the pre-operative process and Mr. Samba Sivan, who arranged the appointments, Mr.Lakshmanan and all the staff who helped me throughout the pre and post-operative process.

I have recommended Sankara Nethralaya to all my friends, who are suffering with glasses.

Thanks to all the wonderful facilities and services provided by our temple of eye, the Sankara Nethralaya which has helped me to see the world without glasses....!

.........Ms. Kavitha Ravi, Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore.

Many thanks for your fine hospitality and scheduling of the much awaited Femto-Optic laser surgery for my eyes.

At present my vision is good and I am able to perform all activities with normal eye sight. I avoid glaze or any bright light.

To my benefit with Femto-Lasik, I do find that even at night hours I am able to see and realize things that a normal vision person would do.

I will want to maintain this, hence please recommend certain good food habits which are good for the vision.

Many Thanks and cheers to your team

.........Arun C, Capgemini, Chennai

Sankara Nethralaya provides ‘Class Service’ to its patients; I am very fortunate and lucky to get the surgery done from this highly esteemed organization.

I started wearing glasses for the first time in my life when I joined my degree course, the very first glass prescribed was of high power, (-) 4.0. to be precise. Later on I started using Contact lenses. I wanted something which is hassle free and also safe for my eyes. Then I came to know about Sankara Nethralaya from quite renowned opticians & doctors here in Chennai, who suggested me to get Lasik surgery done. The staffs at the hospital were quite helpful before and after the surgery. They thoroughly explained to me the whole procedure before they started with the Epi-Lasik surgery. Few tests were done prior to the surgery to analyze the condition of my eyes. Soon after the operation was over my vision did become clear but I was asked to wear covered glasses for a minimum period of 1 week. They also advised a few medications and some precautions for a few days following the surgery which I followed as prescribed by them. As a result, my eyes are doing very fine and are as healthy as they were before I wore any contact lenses and glasses. I can work for hours on the computer and there is no more hassle of removing glasses. I am very much satisfied with the quality of services extended. Mr. Senthil Kumar in particular has helped us in many ways during our visit to the Hospital. Many thanks to you Senthil!

My eyes are perfectly fine and I thank all at Sankara Nethralaya for this! And I also wish this organization Good Luck and Hope they continue to provide the same Class service going forward too....!!!!!

.........Sangeetha R

I write this as a sign of sincere gratitude to Sankara Nethralaya and its staff. I had been wearing specs from my 10th standard .I used to go for regular check up every year. Last year when I went to a hospital near my home I was told my left eye power has gone high. My eyes were dilated and they tested my nerve there was no problem in it. After a year when I went for a follow up and was told that again my power has gone high in my left eye but even after change of specs my left eye vision was blurred.I felt the diagnosis was wrong. Then one of my family friend suggested me to go to Sankara Nethralaya. When I reached the hospital first person I met was Mr.Senthil Kumaran chief executive of lasik department his very attitude gave me some confidence. You get the feeling of being recovered by his optimistic speech. The preliminary tests showed my left eye had keratoconus. They explained me about CXL+TCAT to treat my eyes. The ophthalmologist BSN cleared my doubts and made me feel confident. The best job they do is they explain everything about the treatment the pros and cons of it. Besides their busy schedule they take care of making us clear of the treatment. I underwent the treatment it was of course painless. But after the treatment there was more irritation which was bearable and it settled in a day. Now I am at the 5th week of treatment I feel my vision has improved with my specs. Thanks a lot to Sankara Nethralaya and its staff for their immense care.

.........S.Sangavai, Chennai

I had my lasik surgery done on 26th Mar'12. Dr. Rama Rajagopal was my surgeon. I just had a foreign body sensation for a few hours post-surgery. After that, there was neither pain nor any other complication.

My special thanks to Mr. Senthil for putting me at ease throughout the entire process. Also, special thanks to Mr. Vijayakumar for easing my tension during the surgery. All instructions given for post-operative care were very clear and questions and doubts were answered patiently.

All in all, it was a great experience and my vision is also clear now. Thanks to Sankara Nethralaya for helping me get rid of my glasses after 11 years! All the best for your service to continue in the future too!!

.........Rajeswari. K

I would like to illustrate my wonderful experience with the Lasik department at Sankara Nethralaya.

I would extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Senthil Kumaran for his immense patience and courteousness in explaining all the facts on Lasik and providing all the support and help during our visits. It’s highly appreciated. A good Job done!!!

I would appreciate Mr. Vijayakumar and staff for the extra care during pre and post Lasik testing. Every body of them was wonderful.

I would also thank Dr. Bhaskar Srinivasan for explaining all the post operative complications involved and also being honest about the procedure and the involved risks. My eyes are healing fast because of his wonderful efforts. Dr Sudhir also gave us clarity during initial consultation.

I would thank all the staff at Sankara Nethralaya for giving me a better vision. It was a fantastic experience”

Once again thanks for all the wonder service offered.

.........Anuradha Menon, Principal Software Engineer, SAP Labs, Bangalore

I was completely satisfied by the services offered by Sankara Nethralaya and Im really thankful to my doctor (Dr.Sudhir) for doing my surgery so well.

And I also wanted to thank you for your assistance, support and care towards me.

And finally I want to thank Sankara Nethralaya for offering these services.

Keep up with your Services. All the Best


I would like to avail this opportunity and appreciate the good receptionist work done by Mr.Sambasivan. He is very polite, cool, personality. His body language is highly mannered and his words are very soothing. He shows a high professionalism in systematic approach of dealing every patient. He is an asset to your organization. Kudos to him.


I am Gayathri.S.V from Kannamangalam, Tiruvannamalai district took LASIK treatment at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai during July 2011.

I thank the medical officer Dr.Baskar Srinivasan and the staffs of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai for treated me with LASIK operation and corrected my eye sight from -3.5 to the normal sight, and let me free from using/wearing spectacles. Also, I must thank Mr.Senthil Kumaran, P.R.O of LASIK center for his counseling, guidance and service rendered during the procedure.

In fine, the way of approach, treatment and guidance are good. I feel happy with normal vision. Hospitality and Attentiveness must be appreciated.


First of all, my heartfelt thanks to you, all the staffs of the lasik department; the front office, the optometrists, the OT Technicians and the Consultants. The moral support as well as the treatment was WELL BEYOND expectation. I was really impressed by the professionalism shown by everyone without exception.

Words cannot express how I felt before, during and after my surgery, since I felt that confidence which was so contagious. All my apprehensions were gone after my very first visit at the clinic.

I would sincerely recommend the Sankara Nethralaya to anyone considering LASIK, which, by the way, I've already advised to a friend from France.

My sincere thanks to everyone, once again.

.........Khameery Amina, Administrative Officer, Mauritius Shipping Corporation

I hate wearing spectacles, But now I'm very happy to get the full vision after the LASIK treatment and feel very comfortable without specs. Discomfort last only for few hours after the treatment, after started administering eye drops, everything became normal. It is now almost 3 months post the treatment, So far my vision is good I'm very much pleased with the service and surely suggest other people to take treatment @ Sankara Nethralaya:)

.........Akila, Senior Software Engineer, ILINK Systems, Chennai

I had EpiLASIK surgery done to my eyes couple of months back at Sankara Nethralaya. This write-up is a recollection of events and moments leading up to, during and post surgery written in the form of a timeline. Hope some of this info is useful if you're considering laser surgery and wondering what it's like.

T - 9 years: My calculus class buddy at high school, suggested (almost pleaded) to get my eyes checked after I asked him one too many times what the teacher wrote on the board. I became four-eyed the same evening. OPSM; oval shaped glasses; looking oh-so-fresh; plus, $450 damage to Amma's purse.

T - 8 years: Squash game with my good friend. Thwacck! Squash ball from a full-blooded forehand screamed into my right eye. I roamed around with a black eye for a week and a bit. The plastic lens dislodged on impact and hit my right eyelid. The lens probably did more than damage than the squash ball. Playing squash with prescription glasses is a nuisance.

T - 5 years: 1st year of professional work. I went on numerous substation/site visits that meant wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) all day. Wearing safety glasses over prescription glasses is certainly not the most comfortable thing to do.

T - 2 years: Eye check up time. The ophthalmologist confirmed my eye power has stabilized, however, she recommended I should wait for another year before going for LASIK.

T - 4 days: Had the pre-operative eye check up at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. It included numerous tests to check the nuts and bolts of the eye. The doctor said my corneas were normal - though slightly on the thinner side of normal. We decided to go for Epi-LASIK.

T - 0: The day of the surgery.

It felt as if I was appearing for an Electromagnetics exam. A subject I loathed. On the way to the hospital, we somehow happened to tune in to Mr Suki Sivam on the radio; he was firing on both barrels about fate and death. Sivam is a great orator and infuses a lot of energy, but fate and death wasn't the topic I wanted to listen that morning. So, not the best of starts, but the good thing was we reached the hospital on time despite driving at centipede's pace.

After 1-hour wait, the Pre-Op technician took me in. He applied numbing drops, checked my details, confirmed the type of procedure I was going to have and asked if I had any questions or concerns before I go in. I had none.

I was under the laser.
They started with my right eye. Eyelashes were taped. Eyelids were held apart by a suction thing. The surgeon checked my details again. There were 4 people around me and one on the far side of the room presumably before a computer. All set to go.

There was lot of pressure exerted on the eye by the gadgets. It was bearable. I did not feel pain at any stage. The surgeon was a gem. Before each manoeuvre, she explained what is being done, what I should do (or shouldn't do), and what I may feel/expect.

I did have an anxious moment. When the keratome (blade) was set to move across the cornea to remove the epithelium, the surgeon alerted me there would be a brief loss of vision and it was important I keep looking at the green light straight above. As the blade went across my eye, it was as if a dark grey curtain slid across.

I lost vision.

It was slightly unnerving to be honest. And, when you lose something, whatever it is, you look for it. That's what I did.
Surgeon: Oh're moving your eyes everywhere Sriram! Look at the green light!
Me: Um...I can't see.
Surgeon: Yea I know. Just look straight.
Me: I can’t see which way straight is.
Surgeon: Huh! Okay. Just don't move your eyeballs. Can you do that?
Me: Yea.

Now that the epithelium was taken out, it was time for Laser. The doc repeated that I should focus on the red light and not look anywhere else. The vision came back...slowly. Now that I could *see* where the blimming red light was, things became a lot easier.

So, blinking red light, slight burning smell, five seconds for each eye and it was all done. A "bandage" contact lens was placed on the both eyes to help the epithelium regenerate.

T + 25 minutes: I saw the difference straightaway. I could read the sign on the other end of the operation theatre. The surgeon checked my eye. She said the procedure went as expected. I was given a LASIK kit that had eye drops and instructions to follow for the next 3 weeks. I was also given dark glasses to wear.

T + 1 day: I couldn't open my eyes for the rest of the day. It felt heavy and drowsy. One of the blogs I read in my LASIK research said the feeling is akin to the burning/drowsy sensation you feel when you peel onions. Spot on. Just multiply that feeling by 10 times. There was no pain or itchiness - although my eyes looked horribly bloodshot. I was told to stay indoors for rest of the week, apply eye drops every 2 hours and strictly keep away from dust and bright light.

T + 2 days: The drowsiness was still there but not as bad as the first day. I still couldn't keep my eyes open for any longer than 10 seconds. Went to the hospital for check up. Everything is okay. Come back after 3 days, they said.

As per prescription, my eyes were flooded with eye drops every 2 hours. Every time I instilled eye drops, there was a bitter, metallic taste at the back of my mouth. It was yuck! I was concerned. But, as always, wise Google came to the rescue. Apparently some of the eye drops flow through the tear ducts, which is connected to the nasal passage, which in turn drains into the throat. So nothing is wrong, all is well. I am used to the bitter taste now.

T + 5 days: Got the bandage lens removed. No more drowsiness. Eyes were very sensitive to sunlight and I had my sun glasses on all the time. I could watch TV and work on the computer comfortably (with sunglasses on) for half an hour or so, then had to rest a bit. I slept a lot in the first week.

Doctors say EpiLASIK patients should be fit to go back to work after the second day post procedure. I am not sure about that. Maybe it’s me, but I feel one needs to rest at least for a week before you can really work your eyes. Some of my friends who've had LASIK (not EpiLASIK) say their eyes were normal and fit for work the next day. I think they have magic eyes.

T + 2 weeks: Eyes felt almost normal BUT I was experienced ghosting. My vision was a perfect 20/20. The doctor said it is normal to experience double vision in the first 6-8 weeks, and it should go away as the eye cures itself. I felt like our old Solidaire TV. It was robust, stood the test of time, and always showed the spirits of characters it displayed.

T + 3 weeks: Still experienced double vision. A week back, it was on both eyes. Now it was only on one eye and it alternated between eyes. Some improvement. It was weird and frustrating. And, three weeks of limited/restricted activity and staying mostly indoors was getting to me.

T + 5 weeks: First month check (i.e. 1 month after removing the bandage lens). The Ophthalmologist gave a clean chit of health. I told them again about double vision, and they gave the same answer as two weeks back. The double vision was there and the occurrences were coming down...slowly. I could feel the improvement. It takes time. Patience!

Now: There is improvement every week. Little by little, one step at a time, eye-am getting there.

Life, without prescription glasses or contact lens, is great! Super glad I had EpiLASIK done.

Special thanks to the LASIK team at Sankara Nethralaya - specifically to Dr Prema Padmanabhan, Mr Senthil Kumaran, Mr Samba Sivan and Mr Lakshmanan for their professional service and tons of patience.

.........Sriram .R, Australia

Finally I get to write to you. Hope things are well with you. Here's my feedback as promised.

It is with immense pleasure that I write this testimonial about my experience with the lasik department. My experience with the staff and their work ethics at the hospital went beyond my expectation. They are courteous, encouraging and informative in their service. The detailed pre-procedure check-ups and post-procedure follow-ups are commendable. The knowledge, experience and confidence that the surgeons had affirmed that I was in the right hands. I would like to assure future clients that they will be well cared for if they decided to go ahead with the lasik refractive procedure.

May you continue to reach out to more people with your extraordinary work. All the best.

.........Sharlene Mercylin, Sydney

I came to know about LASIK at Sankara Nethralaya through their website and got an appointment over phone through Mr. Senthil Kumaran. On my first visit to Sankara Nethralaya, I underwent the pre-assessment tests for LASIK at the Optometrists. Then I met my consultant Dr. Rama Rajagopal who examined my eyes again and said that I was a suitable candidate for LASIK or EPI-LASIK and explained about both the procedures. What I liked was that unlike any for-profit hospital, no one at Sankara Nethralaya insisted on me undergoing LASIK and it was left entirely to me whether I wanted to undergo the procedure or continue wearing glasses/contact lenses. I opted for LASIK and the date of the surgery was fixed for the following week.

I was extremely nervous on the day of the surgery and worried if the procedure would be painful. But everyone in the surgery room was very kind to me and constantly encouraged me to relax, allaying all my fears. Dr. Rama Rajagopal guided me through the entire process. The surgery was over in 20 minutes with absolutely no pain. I was kept under observation for an hour after which Mr. Senthil Kumaran very patiently explained the "Do's and don'ts" for the next 2 weeks post surgery. Any mild discomfort that I felt after the surgery was gone on the following day. On the day of the post-op I was extremely happy to hear the optometrist say that I now have better than normal vision! The entire process from pre-assessment to post-op was done very professionally.

At Sankara Nethralaya, there are numerous brochures which explain in detail the LASIK/EPI-LASIK/Femto LASIK procedure, what to expect during/after the surgery and FAQs. Apart from that they have very helpful staffs that are always willing to explain and clear any doubts that one may have about the procedure. The staff are very approachable and can be contacted any time post surgery in case of any emergency or clarification. Everyone greets us with a smile and gives personal attention even though there are numerous patients to be attended to at any time of the day.

I would highly recommend Sankara Nethralaya to anyone contemplating LASIK surgery and you can rest assured that your eyes are in the right hands. Apart from the treatment, the human touch is also extremely important to a patient which is certainly present at Sankara Nethralaya.

Once again I would like to thank Dr. Rama Rajagopal, Mr. Senthil Kumaran, Mr. Samba Sivan and the Optometrists for their care and attention. It has been once month post-op and I have said my goodbyes to glasses and contact lenses after 14 long years for which I will forever be grateful to Sankara Nethralaya!

.........Ramya S


It was a quick procedure.. For both eyes, doctor took only 25mins to complete and made my dream come true.. now i'm not dependent on anything.. i can look through my own eyes.. its hard to say in words that how happy i'm now.

In SANKARA NETHRALAYA, everyone is so kind. i loved their hospitality.. Before doing LASIK, i was so worried about the procedure.. But they clearly explained me the procedure and gave me confidence. They were caring me (& everyone), each and every minute when i was there post treatment also they clearly explained me the DO & DONTS, which i'm following everyday now I GOT BACK MY 100% EYE vision.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO FEEL FREE TO UNDERGO LASIK IN SANKARA NETHRALAYA (ONLY)! I can assure you their complete care to you and make your dream to come true too...

Once again I would like to thank Dr.Geetha Iyer, Mr.Senthil kumaran, Mr.Samba sivam, Mr.Lakshman, Mr.vijay, Dr.Aishwarya and each and every staff there.


.........Ashokkumar .A.B

I was having vision problem in my right eye. I took an appointment at Sankara Nethralaya Nungambakkam with Dr PP. When I reached the hospital for the prelimnary tests, Mr Senthil Kumaran , Senior Executive Sankara Nethralaya –JKCN , LASIK DEPT was very helpful in guiding me for taking the various tests . I underwent ocular coherence tomography and pachymetry tests which were done with utmost care to make me feel at home.

I was advised to undergo T-cat +collagen cross linking treatment in the right eye and an appointment was fixed for undergoing the surgery at the earliest date available.

On the day of the surgery I was operated upon by the senior most surgeon Dr PP who was very immaculate in her operation and the ease and care with which she handled so many patients took away my fear of undergoing an operation. The operation was successful and I was in my room in half an hour’s time.

After 3 days I reported back for the post operative check. DR PP herself examined me and gave me confidence by saying that the operation has come out wonderfully well. The entire staff of Sankara Nethralaya deserve praise of the highest level not only for the service and courtesy they showed towards me as a patient but also for the cleanliness with which each inch of the hospital is maintained and in particular I am much thankful to Mr Senthil Kumaran , who with his smiling service and the post operative instructions which he gave has enabled me to follow the post operative schedule perfectly well ,resulting in perfect vision in my right eye.

.........G Preethi

I am very much Happy to share my fact with Sankara Nethralaya, I used power glass from past five years .it had un comfortable and frequent power variation with nervousness during some situation. at the time my friend told about Sankara Nethralaya , Chennai .i had a treatment initially in different stage as per my eye condition and finally they suggested to LASIK treatment. although they are given consulting regarding different kind of LASIK treatment depends upon eye condition and patient choice . i am very much happy that time because it was wonder full consulting in patient language with kindness.

Finally we decided to do FEMTO LASIK and done by Dr Rama rajagobal madam on august 2011. I am very much Satisfied by the Treatment and also the Hospitality of the Doctors and Members of the LASIK team. I thank Sankara Nethralaya who took at most Care about all my appointments and cleared all my doubts. I also want to thank Mr. Senthil sir who explained the procedure and cleared all my doubts while Consultancy Period.

I once again thank you very much to staff at the clinic and to Dr Rama rajagobal for a very thorough pre-surgery consultation which put my fears at rest. The surgery itself was quick and painless .One day later, I had little pain and very little discomfort (and good vision!) after surgery 3 to 4 hours after that it was not .fully cured .I thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have given me. I cannot believe how having LASIK has improved my sight. I cannot thank you enough. I am forever grateful! thanks to Sankara Nethralaya.

.........B.Rajesh kannan

Hi, this is Raghu and I underwent Epi-Lasik treatment at Sankara Nethralaya (JKCN) on 14th of November. I had been on to contact lenses for the past 8+ years and on spectacles for about 5 years before that. Both has its own share of advantages and disadvantages and I had been thinking for a while to go for LASIK correction. Of course, like everyone reading this I was definitely scared since it's something to do with eyes.

Around middle of this year when my regular eye check-up was due at SN, I casually enquired about the LASIK treatment and they explained about the treatment and asked me to come back after discontinuing contact lenses for 2 weeks. After discontinuing contact lenses, the team at SN performed the pre-operative tests and I met one of the surgeons (Dr. Sudhir). He told me that my cornea thickness is lesser for doing a normal LASIK procedure (which involves creating a flap) and hence I can go for either EPI-LASIK or Femto-LASIK. I was confused as to which one to go for as Googling spoke about the benefits of both the procedures. Meanwhile, I had scheduled the treatment on a Monday (14 November) taking that entire weeek off from work and I told the LASIK department that I will let them know if it is EPI-LASIK or Femto-LASIK.

Instead of getting confused by myself, I decided to go and meet the surgeon (Dr. Rama Rajagopal) who will be doing the treatment for me on Monday. Here, I would like to mention couple of incidents to highlight the professionalism and care that SN takes care of

1. Dr. Rama Rajagopal examined my eyes again and told me that both EPI and Femto can be done and explained the differences between the two technologies clearly. But she said that she would do only EPI-LASIK for my eye condition (cornea being thinner and my power falling near the border line for EPI) and would not advise to go for Femto. Femto currently costs double (being the latest technology) that of EPI and any profit-oriented institution would have blindly suggested you to go for Femto. I was definitely impressed that they actually care for your eyes and are not after the money

2. I took another friend of mine for the pre-operative tests. They examined him completely and clearly told him that he is not fit for the treatment due to his cornea shape and condition. They told him to continue with glasses or contacts. They do not push you to any treatment just for the sake of money and advise you only if everything is OK

This testimonial will not be complete without mentioning Mr. Senthil Kumaran and Mr. Vijayakumar of the LASIK department. They are very down to earth and will explain you about everything regarding the treatment in simple layman terms. They are almost available 24 hours and the best part is that they get in touch with you even after the treatment to see how you are doing. You can talk to them about all the questions and fears you have in your mind and they will listen to them patiently and clarify all of them.

By third week of the treatment the vision had improved a lot (in case of epi lasik the vision will improve and become stable by 3-4 weeks. This will not be the case in normal LASIK where the vision clarity is achieved within 3 days). The doctors and the team told that the irritation and redness will stop by third day, more clarity will come on 6th day and in week 2 and 3 you will see much more improvement in the vision clarity. It has been exactly happening that way and shows that they know what they are doing and are doing it properly.

I am on to the sixth week now and last weekend I had the one month review done. They perfomed all the tests again and my power is now zero. I am able to read two lines more (6/8) than a normal vision in the reading test. There is no haziness or blurness in the vision anymore and I am continuing all my normal activities. It was such a wonderful feeling to hear from the optometrist that the power is zero.

So, if you are planning to get a LASIK done, I highly recommend Sankara Nethralaya. Get the pre-opt test done there and get their opinion. Get all the questions clarified with the team and openly discuss if you have any fears. They will definitely tell you about what to expect out of the treatment and any risks associated. Of course, anybody will have second thoughts when it comes to a treatment on the eye. So get clarified on all your questions, however silly they seem to be and become comfortable. Plan a week off from work and leave the rest to them, you will be back to seeing the world with your natural eyes. They actually care more for your eyes than what you would.

Once again I wish to thank Dr. Rama Rajagopal and Mr. Senthil Kumaran and Mr. Vijaya Kumar and the rest of the LASIK team for the treatment.


My hearts of thanks to Sankara Nethralaya,a renowned institution for eye care

I was wearing glasses since my second standard,hardly iam 7 years old at that time.My dad was much worried that his girl wanna wear specs at this young age he was enquiring about the lasik surgery at 1997 itself it started booming in those years.But to his disappointment everyone told only after the age of 18 a person can undergo lasik

My right age came to do the lasik and the right place we entered too that is SANKARA NETHRALAYA,ya a very nice place indeed

Right from the first day i was guided in the right path by the authorised persons there,

Mr.Senthil Kumaran was the person who gave me counselling regarding the LASIK surgery, He guided me with a power point presentation regarding the eye defects and the surgery which iam about to undertake,I was very well satisfied with his explanations

Next comes the consultation with the physician.My appointment was fixed with Dr.N.Radhika.So many pre-operative safety tests were taken and i was advised to undergo EPI-LASIK sugery nad the day has been fixed for my surgery with the same physician Dr.N.Radhika.I was admired to see Tender Loving Care (TLC) in the surgery theatre with the physician and with her associates and the time came for my surgery and hardly it took only half an hour for the entire surgery and they gave me some valuable advices what to do and what not to do for the first six months that was not so quite tough to follow.

And I was asked to come after one month for review and after the review myself and my family members were so glad that my power was zero which was -4 in left eye and -3 in right eye before laser surgery.

Apart from treatment,Love,care and affection from the members of Sankara Nethralaya was really awesome

.........Indhumathi Mohan,Trainee Cognizant Technology Solutions

I feel privileged to give a feed back about my EPI-LASIK treatment in “Sankara Nethralaya”, which is one of the most trusted eye institution in India.

From the day I visited to till post treatment consultation it has been a memorable journey for me. As we all know eyes are priceless and you need best of the best treatment, when it comes to have a surgery to such a fragile part of your body. I am glad that I trusted “Shankar Nethralaya”. I remember the day when I first spoken to Mr. Vijay on telephone (my first contact person in Sankara Nethralaya) and I had a bag of questions to ask about the LASIK procedure, its safety, how far is the feasibility of having a 20/20 or 6/6 vision, post LASIK effect on eyes and about any future complication 10-15 years down the line when people may need other surgery like for cataract. All the doubts were answered very professionally and completely and he directed me to Dr. Prema Padma (Doc who performed treatment on my eyes) for better clarification on the whole procedure. The way Dr Prema consulted me was amazing and I got convinced to go for EPI –LASIK treatment without a hitch in my mind. Afterward it all went like a very well executed plan.

I would like to render my special thanks to Mr. Vijay, Dr. Prema and Mr. Senthil Kumaran who guided me through all the Do’s and Don’t’s after the treatment in a very professional and friendly way. Once again thanks to Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital and all other staffs of LASIK clinic for this treatment and their wonderful hospitality.I would strong recommend “Sankara Nethralaya” to anyone who plans to have LASIK. Keep up the good work and excellent service level.

.........Numan Ahmad, (Consultant at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore)

My introduction to Sankara Nethralaya was via their website as well as through phone calls which is informative and honest, not just listing the benefits but also the potential hazards, which gave me a sense of confidence. When it came time for the surgery, I was nervous, as anyone would be, but the staff helped me to relax and it seemed so routine. The surgery was quick and painless although strange, and the results immediate. After the surgery I felt as though I had the support there if I needed it.

I arrived with an open mind and a little excitement at the prospect of better sight, Mr. Senthil Kumaran / Mr. Sambasivan talked me through every aspect of the experience, sometimes more than once, and all of you (the staff) have made me feel special. The whole procedure has been completely painless apart from a couple of hours of discomfort straight after surgery.

First, getting Lasik was one of the best decisions I've made. I've worn corrective lenses most of my life and I'm 26. So, it was important to me to find the best doctor. I never dreamed that I could have 20/20 vision and Sankara Nethralaya (the doctors & staffs) made that dream come true! I love my new freedom and I recommend Dr.Prema Padmanaban. She's the BEST!

I've been wearing glasses for about 14 years. I had the LASIK surgery 1 month ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done! No problems, just some dryness for the few months and a little light sensitivity. Since then, perfect vision... no contacts, no eyeglasses, no hassles. I'm very happy I took the dive! Since my operation, the results have been fantastic! I have experienced absolutely no discomfort and my vision is significantly better than 20/20. The post-op care has been equally good. My sight has improved. I am much happier now after it has been cured. It was affecting my everyday life, and I feel so much better now.

All my worries and fears were laid to rest by the patient clinic staff No question was ever too much for them to answer. Dr. Prema Padmanaban has such a caring manner I felt at ease straight away, my operation went perfectly.

Now has wonderful vision. They can drive to work, take care of the kids, and play sports.all without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

Now never spends a dime on contact lenses and solutions.

Believe that choosing me was the best decision they have made.

Your facility is so great and your staff is terrific as well. It was a wonderful experience. I also appreciate the staff for their great hospitality and care they provided me. Thank you for the excellent and professional care I received during my LASIK surgery procedure. I would like to thank all the staff at the Leeds clinic, not only for the care they provided before and during surgery but also for all the care provided after surgery.

I once again thank you very much to staff at the clinic and to Dr Prema Padmanaban for a very thorough pre-surgery consultation which put my fears at rest. The surgery itself was quick and painless & Dr Prema Padmanaban talked me through each step methodically. One day later, I have no pain and very little discomfort (and good vision!) I thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have given me. I cannot believe how having LASIK has improved my sight. I cannot thank you enough. I am forever grateful!

.........Prabhakar. V, Thinksoft Global Solutions

The eye is the jewel of the body.

Henry David Thoreau

As Thoreau once quoted, a world without vision is a world that is hard to imagine for a lot of people that he compared it to a jewel. My vision prior to my visit to Sankara Nethralaya, can be described at best as very very bad, I started wearing glasses when I was around 11 yrs of age, so I've gotten used to the cumbersome thick glasses and the constant change of same I needed to get once in a year and some times once in 6 months because of my constantly changing eye power.

When I first visited the centre the first thing I noticed was the hospitality of the whole institution, right from the guard who opens the entrance door to Dr. Senthil Kumaran who guided us through out the procedure, to the specialist doctor, even when the opd is flooded with patients we donot see a single flinch of annoyance or anger from any of the doctors or the staff. And one more thing I've noticed as a doctor is the near-perfection in anything and everything being done. Right from the cleaning of the rooms to the patients being called to procedure, everything is planned and organized and done to their best effort by each and everyone. No patient is made to wait unnecessarily. Dr. Prema who was my attending doctor, was if to be said in a single word, amazing! Patient care, even in the middle of her busy schedule she took time to patiently explain to us all of the procedures available and advantages of each, and clarified all of our doubts.

One of the best institutions I've seen. Very well maintained and very well organised. Keep up the good work.

.........Dr. Subash

I began needing to wear glasses or contacts in about 9th or 10th grade/standard, in high school (as we call it in the US). As an active teenager who, as most teenagers, was too concerned about his appearance, wearing glasses was out of the question, so I began my vision-corrective years by wearing contact lenses every day. This was of course inconvenient, since putting in, taking out, and cleaning the lenses required time and maintenance, and wearing them could be uncomfortable, particularly when I was tired or not sleeping at regular times. But, since I was young and flexible and resilient, I somehow got along with contact lenses all right for a few years.

Then, when I began going to college in the mid-1990s, I realized two things: one, that it was all right to be intelligent—and don’t many intelligent people wear glasses?—and two, that wearing glasses would be much easier and more comfortable—or at least less “invasive”—than wearing contact lenses. So, I switched over to wearing glasses most of the time, and continued to do so througout all four years of college and then for eleven full years afterwards, until I finally received LASIK treatment in 2009.

Glasses served me well, especially since I have always been an academic type, always reading books and writing, and many lifetime students such as myself end up wearing glasses for many decades without major problems. But there were definitely things about wearing glasses which I did not like: they were easily misplaced or lost, they limited my field of vision, they were an extra appendage to my face and appearance (whereas I always prefer being as simple and natural as possible), and they limited my ability to be active and spontaneous. Ever since high school I have been a long distance runner or jogger, and, as a scholar, spending most of my days inside at a desk, being able to go outside for a long run through the park or forest at least once every day or two has always been essential to my physical and mental well-being. But it is impossible, or at least extremely awkward and inconvenient, to go for a long run with glasses on, so I always had to spend 10-15 minutes before and after each run, first cleaning and putting on, then taking out, cleaning, and putting away again, my contact lenses, which were necessary to wear in order to exercise. I have recently begun practicing yoga regularly, and this would also have been impossible with glasses.

For all of these reasons, I had long thought about getting LASIK treatment, but at the same time had many fears and uncertainties about the process and what the result of it might be. When I got married in 2003, however, my wife had recently undergone LASIK, and she was not only very happy with the results, but had found the whole examination and surgery experience to be remarkably smooth, easy, and painless. Since she saw that I would love to be glasses/contacts-free (and liked me better without glasses herself), she strongly recommended that I have LASIK done as well. Given my generally conservative and cautious stance toward most things, however—especially with regard to something as vital as my eyesight!—I decided that I would not pursue LASIK unless I had the opportunity to have it done at the same place that she did and with the same doctors with whom she was so happy.

Well, that place was Sankara Nethralaya, and in early 2009, while we were staying in Chennai for a few months for our studies in Sanskrit and Bharatanatyam, I finally had the opportunity to seriously consider LASIK for myself. Since, again, I was apprehensive about having surgery of any kind performed on my eyes, I think that if anything had troubled me during the several preparatory, pre-surgery visits and examinations, I probably would have backed-out and decided not to have the procedure done. But, to put it simply, I was very impressed with the facilities and staff at Sankara Nethralaya—with their expertise and professionalism, as well as with their warm openness and kind considerateness toward patients, always willing to explain things and support one as necessary, from the beginning of the process to the end.

In fact, the only major obstacle I had to overcome throughout the entire process was myself on the morning of the surgery. I had gone through all of the preparatory examinations, researched in order to understand the procedure, talked with the doctor, scheduled an appointment for the procedure to take place, and then gone to bed the night before, all without really meeting with any deep fear or resistance. But then, the morning of my appointment, I woke up unexpectedly gripped by a sort of amorphous fear. I didn’t show much outwardly or, indeed, say much of anything at all, but this was exactly how my wife knew that I was afraid! She loves to laugh about it now, telling me that, no matter what she said or asked me about that morning, I would simply reply “Yes,” or “No,” and then return to being stoic, silent, expressionless—which she knew was a sure sign that something was going on inside me. She was right: I could only give one-word answers because I was scared and was suffering the passage of time with difficulty and reluctance, moving ever closer to my LASIK appointment, but deep down unsure whether or not I should really go through with it.

But two things (in addition to my wife!) kept me from canceling the procedure and kept me moving toward it: one, my high regard for Sankara Nethralaya as an institution—reinforced by the excellent support I had received throughout, especially from Academic Officer and Development Manager A. Mahalingam—and for the doctor who would be performing the procedure, Dr. Prema Padmanabhan—who had also performed my wife’s LASIK procedure (though I am sure that there are many other outstanding doctors at Sankara Nethralaya as well); and two, the almost unbelievable thought of a life without glasses or contacts, of perfect vision at all times and in all places, without any external apparatus.

So, somehow—or, rather, by God’s grace—I made it to the eye hospital that bright January day in Chennai which I still remember very distinctly and probably will for many years to come. And, upon arriving, everything happened so relatively quickly and so smoothly and unproblematically that I feel silly now to have been apprehensive about it at all, and especially to have worried so gravely all morning long, right up until the procedure! The staff members were of course all supportive and calming as usual, in addition to telling me everything I needed to know and do during the procedure—which was in fact not much at all: just relax, lay down, keep your eyes focused on a specific point during the procedure, and let the doctor do her work—which, amazingly, not only took almost no time at all, but was painless! I cannot remember exactly, but the essential part of the whole procedure, the laser surgery itself, lasted only a few minutes (or even less), and I don’t remember experiencing any irritating or uncomfortable sensation in my eyes at any point during the whole process.

Afterwards, a nurse explained to me how to take care of my eyes during the coming weeks, I obtained the eye care kit from the hospital pharmacy, and, in less than two hours since I had arrived for my appointment, I was once again back on the streets of Chennai, but a new man, free from glasses and contacts for the first time in almost 20 years. Of course I had to be especially attentive to my environment at first, staying indoors for a few days, avoiding air particles such as dust and smoke as much as possible, applying the eye drops, and resting well so that my eyes would heal quickly. But, looking back on it now, none of this was very difficult or challenging, and in fact it all fades into complete insignificance as soon as I think of that first experience I had just a little while after the surgery, when, upon returning to the hotel where we were staying and entering a park-like area away from the dusty streets, I first allowed myself to open my eyes fully and look up at the trees and the sky: everything was clear, crisp, and beautiful, and this vision was coming to me through my own eyes alone, unaided by glasses, contact lenses, or anything else. It was an amazing, expansive feeling that filled my heart with profound joy and gratitude.

A few days after my LASIK procedure, I returned to Sankara Nethralaya for a vision test, to see the results of the surgery. Incredibly, my vision was not just “20/20” (or “6/6”), but one degree better—that is, I could read the line of letters on the letter chart below the one that indicated normal vision! I returned for another examination 3-4 months later, and my vision had not changed; it was still excellent. For the first year following treatment, it did happen once in a while that, in very large, spacious indoor environments with high ceilings and bright lights, such as in airport terminals, my vision would seem slightly hazy. But this was never debilitating, it only happened a few times, and it stopped altogether after a year or so.

It has now been nearly three years since I underwent LASIK, and, despite daily and probably excessive computer use (which is what first ruined my eyesight, as a teenager), my vision remains excellent. Not having to worry about glasses or contact lenses, ever, is an extraordinary blessing. I can go running or do yoga or exercise at any time, without having to worry about putting on contacts; I can go to sleep immediately, without needing to take contacts out or put glasses away; and I look exactly as I was created to be, without metal, plastic, or wire frames and glass lenses on my face, rubbing behind my ears, and marking my nose! Based on this experience, I would strongly recommend LASIK, especially at Sankara Nethralaya, to anyone for whom it is recommended as a good option.

.........Ryan B (USA)

I'm Prabhu Gurusamy (IT-Professional) from Madurai.I did my Femto Lasik surgery from Sankara Nethralaya (JKCN) Hospital on 4th of November and got corrected a power of 7.5 and 12.5 to zero power.

Now that daily when I open my eyes I look at the bright world confidently and clearly rather than search for my spectacles thinking " Oh..It's just another dull day on looking at the unclear things around me".

It was the time when I started my treatment from another eye hospital in Chennai were I was not satisfied in their proceedings,my father on reading an article from magazine-"Kumutham snehithiyea" about the Femto Lasik by Dr.Radhika suggested me to visit Sankara Nethralya to know more about it.I went to the main hospital in college meet a representative he asked me to contact Mr.Senthil Kumaran in JKCN and gave his number too. Now that Mr.Senthil Kumaran is more than a friend to me.

Right from my Day-1 of my treatment to till this day.I'm having a good support from the excellent team members of the Lasik Clinic.I have consulted Dr.R.R.Sudhir for my treatment .When I thought surgery was my only option,he gave me a full knowledge about total eye care and also trained me to keep my eye safe without surgery while working in computers.Also detailed me he risks involved in laser specially for my eye.He created a patient-friendly environment which helped me to cooperate properly in my surgery time. I have meet lot of eye doctors-I feel his way of diagnosis me was excellent.

Service rendered by Mr.Senthil Kumaran was awesome.He is down to earth in explaining the patients and was supporting me 24/7 with much dedication and Love till now. He was so sincere and compassionate in delivering his work.He guided me from the insurance procedures till all other minor things from the hospital.A Special Thanks to him for spending lot of time on me .

Mr.Vijay Kumar was kind enough and said me about the exact proceedings of the femto and made me much more comfortable.It was very casual moment for me to enter the surgery procedure room with these many committed professional people caring for my eyes .And Finally with gods grace I got my surgery done successful. And the post operation care provided by the hospital was also too good.

I would like you to publicized the treatment of Femto lasik so that many friends like me will get benefited.

This is the first time i'm sitting on computers after operation and I want to thank you all for this gift to me.

Once again thanks to Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital and Doctor -.R.R.Sudhir , Mr.Senthil Kumaran-Senior Executive , Mr.VijayaKumar and all other staffs of Lasik clinic for giving me this treatment and making my life bright .


I am Happy to share my experience with Sankara Nethralaya, I under went LASIK surgery by August and I am very much Satisfied by the Treatment and also the Hospitality of the Doctors and Members of the LASIK team. I thank Sankara Nethralaya who took at most Care about all my appointments and cleared all my doubts. I also want to thank Dr Bhaskar Srinivasan who explained the procedure and cleared all my doubts while Consultancy Period and Dr Sudhir who operated me wonderfully.

I was not only taken cared by Sankara Nethralaya till my Surgery but also being taken cared now. Thats the most wonderful point of this Institution which i like the most, I would strongly recommend Sankara Nethralaya to all My Friends and Family who are eagerly waiting to get rid of their Glasses and Lens.

.........Anish Navlakha

With due respect, I would like to thank all of you Senthil Sir, Vijayakumar Sir, Sambasivan Sir and our sincere regards to Dr. Prema.

Earlier it is truly said that SN is an Eye Temple. All of our family member always remember you people.

When it was given to understand to us that on our first day of eye examination that flat cornea with high numbers, it is difficult to correct fully. We were really frustrated but when Dr. Prema explained to us about FEMTO LASIK and we agreed, the result is really a magic for me. Although, its seems to me that my right eye is not fully corrected. But i am sure within a month of LASIK, as i have been given to understand it will improve further. I repeat its a real magic for me and it happen because of Sankara Nethralaya. The kind of services with full devotion you are offering to each and every patient its unforgettable. It was like a family type atmosphere i experienced.

Certainly, I would like to help, guide and persuade the people in our region who are suffering, to visit SN once.

My Sincere Pranaam, Namaste to Eye Temple - SANKARA NETHRALAYA.


My heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff members of Sankara Nethralaya's LASIK vision clinic. Everyone right from the receptionists to the doctors have been kind and cheerful during every visit of mine, their calm demeanor makes the patient forgo anxiety. The enthusiasm that they exude makes the entire surgery a hassle free one.

Special thanks to Dr. Geetha Krishnan Iyer (GKI). She cleared all my apprenhensions related LASIK and its due to her that i had a smooth and painless surgery.

This testimonial would be incomplete without mentioning Mr. Senthil Kumaran. He was the first person I contacted regarding LASIK, and the whole experience has turned out to be quite positive. The personal care and attention that the team bestows is very impressive.

.........Sujatha V, Cognizant Technology Solutions

First of all i am very much thankful to Sankara Nethralaya.

Due to less cornea which i had made me suffered alot that i am not going to get rid away from my spectacles, but after consulting Sankara Nethrala through mail i got confidence that i will get rid away from my spectacles.

My special thanks to the doctor Mr.Bhaskar Srinivasan, even though my cornea thickness is less i had a very pleasant surgery. A clear explanation was given by Mr.Bhaskar Srinivasan and Mr.Senthil Kumaran about the type of surgery which i had and differeniation between other Lasik procedures.

My heartful thanks to Mr.Senthil Kumaran who have given replies to my mails with patience and cleared all my doubts, he had taken atmost care and given suggestions during and after the treatment.

I also admire the hospitality of the lasik team, eventhough I didn't come up for checkup with in time, they had taken my appointment without hesitation and forwarded it to the doctor in less time.

Thanks to the doctor and the lasik team for their care and support.

.........I Lalithya, Assistant System Engineer-Trainee Tata Consultancy Services

At the outset I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of the Lasik Wing (of Sankara Nethralaya) for the superb refractive correction which they had given me.

My vision is totally fine, It gives me immense happiness to see the world with my new eyes

I fore give my hearty thanks to Dr. Prema Padmanaban mam.

I also like to extend my hearty thanks to,

Deepa, Who was very kind and sweet to me during the pre and post check up's. She made the environment so lively that i never felt am preparing my self for the surgery. She was the first person to tell that my vision is perfectly fine

Sambasivan and Vijay: They were the two smiling ppl who were there for my assistance any time needed and took good care of me. They were very flexible for my convenience.

Senthil: (The techi guy) He had a lot of patience to explain the entire procedure for me and explained the details about the Advantages and Disadvantages of the diff procedures. He was there during the entire procedure and was like a big support all along.

Thanks to all these ppl who made my treatment a easy one.

.........V Rajesh Kumar, Tata Consultancy Services

I have been wearing glasses since i was 10 years old and ever since that time my eyesight has gradually worsened making life very hard.I started using contact lens when i was about 15 years old,which was also not that convenient.Considering my high eye power,I was totally dependent on my glasses/lens to do everyday activites.I was afraid that there will be no way out of this.Fortunately my parents brought me to Sankara Nethralaya to consider surgery as my mum got LASIK done there in 1996 and most of my relatives recommended this hospital.The staff were very friendly and frank,especially Mr.Senthil,who helped me alot. They told me about everything,including the pros and cons of getting surgery done.Having a borderline corneal thickeness as well as high power,I had no choice but to select femto-LASIK.I was a bit afraid but Dr.Prema, who performed the surgery on me briefed me before the surgery about the procedure and assured me that there was nothing to worry.The procedure lasted for only about 25-30 minutes and I didn't experience any pain when I underwent it.The next day I went for the check-up and they told me that i had no more power and that my vision will improve after a few days.Now,after being completely dependent on my glasses for almost half my life,I'm happy to say that i'm able to view the world through my eyes without the aid of glasses.All thanks to Sankara Nethralaya and once again I thank Mr.Senthil for all his help and Dr.Prema who gave me back my vision.I have recommended Sanakara Nethralaya to my friends who are considering LASIK surgery.


I would like to share my experience with shankara nethralaya,i under went LASIK surgery .i am very satisfied by the treatment and also the hospitality of the members of the lasik team.I thank Mr Senthil who took at most care abt all appointments and cleared my doubts.I also want to thank Dr prema padmanaban who explained the procedure and cleared all my doubts.i would recommend sankara nethralaya to all my friends who are eagerly waiting to get rid of their glasses and lens.


I have undergone Corneal Crosslinking Procedure in Sankara Nethralaya. The treatment offered is very satisfactory. And the way the doctors and the hospital staff deal with the patient is extremely good.

The post treatment follow up appointments given during every visit makes us to revisit the hospital at the correct time without fail.


At the outset let me express my sincere gratitude to Sankara Nethralaya for the considerate service extended to my son Nikhil George Mathews while treating for Keratoconus.

The kindness and humanity exhibited by the doctors, executives and staff during the treatment in Sankara Nethralaya are admirable and commendable. The keenness shown by each and every individual in the hospital renders the feeling of oneness as if in ones own home. No doubt, it was a unique experience and I wish Sankara Nethralaya to endure with this compassionate service to the mankind in future as well.

And of course, I have a very special thanks to you for all the timely help and advises that have been extended to me during my visit to your hospital.

.........George Mathew ITS,General Manager Maintenance,Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited,Kerala

Thanking for the recent EPI-LASIK surgery I went.

Actually I was wondering whether it is possible to get rid of my spectacleand contact lenses, as it was difficult for me at work. I heard about theLASIK treatment, so I preferred Sankara Nethralaya where the quality meetsthe International standards. The office secretaries and the doctors treatedme with extra care and explained me about the risks and benefits of various
LASIK procedures. Especially I would like to thank Mr.Senthil Kumaran forhis kind approach and care to me during & after the treatment. Thanks toDoctors and LASIK team for their care & support to patients like me.

.........S.Balaji Senthil Kumaran, Assistant Engineer, The Hindu

It was a great decision to choose Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, to go for my Femto Optilasik. The most important thing is that one becomes completely aware, through the friendly consultant, of what the Lasik procedure is and what to expect from it.

The procedure itself was very smooth and of course completely painless. For that, I truly express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Prema Padmanabhan, Mr. Vijay Kumar and the whole team of the Lasik department.

A real pleasure was to come in contact with the friendly persons like Mr. Vijay Kumar, Mr.Senthil Kumaran and Mr. Samba Sivan, who arranged everything starting from appointments with the consultant to the surgery with great of expertise. I was really impressed when they called me up to ask me about the well being of my eyes.

Thanks a lot for all your help, care and support.

.........Prosenjit Karmakar, Kolkata

"I had done a good thing in my life by choosing Sankara Nethralaya (SN) for doing my LASER surgery. Initially I thought it would be impossible to get rid of from spectacles, since my power was high. But after consulting with doctors here, my hope and confidence level increased. They provided me clear counseling on do's and don'ts during pre and post surgery. My experience with SN was grateful and satisfactory. Now I can able to see the world without any strangers on my eyes. At this stage, I would like to thank all the Doctors and associates in LASIK team who examined me and changed my life. Especially I am grateful from my bottom of heart to Mr.Vijaykumar who took extra care like a friend and guided me throughout my operation period. Thanks once again Vijay!!. My confidence level has increased tremendously after this operation. This is a great team to those who want to see the world with their naked eyes. Keep the good work going"

.........Mr. G. Senthilkumar, Program Analyst, Cognizant Technology Pvt Ltd.

I should thank Mr. Mahalingam for all the assistance given to me and I'm so happy of the perfect sight I gained after the LASIK treatment, also to Dr. Prema and her team.

I've informed a dear friend of mine about the successful surgery and of my experience with the standards of your LASIK WING.

.........Ms. Selina S Prem Kumar, Sri Lanka.

I would like to write to you for my positive experience at Sankara Nethralaya where I undertook a LASIK procedure, last month. Mr. Rajsekharan and Mr. Mahalingam were very professional in the way they coordinated and handled my appointments, the procedure itself and clarifying any post operative questions which I had.

I know now as to why Sankara Nethralaya is so well regarded in India. Employees like Mr. Rajsekharan and Mr. Mahalingam are a real tribute to the institution.

.........Mr. Rohit Rao.

I am really thankful to Dr. Geetha Krishnan Iyer. She did a good job. Now i can work on my system without Contact lens/Specs. I feel I’m born again. I have struggled a lot with the contact lens and with the specs. Really it’s very difficult for someone who has -13 power like this. My heartfelt thanks to her....

Thank you very much...

.........Mr. Uday Kiran Bhaviri.

I have recommended your hospital and the great service provided to all my friends and family, and you will be having many more visitors from Sri Lanka in the future.

.........Mr. Mushtaq Mohamed.

We are very much impressed with the excellent service and the level of care and precision at SN. I wouldn't imagine going anywhere else and that has been strengthened even further after my recent LASIK procedure. I feel so comfortable and confident about my progress and results and have only SN to thank.

Will definitely refer SN to all my friends and family as the best hospital for eye care and also one of the only places where doctors and business managers such as you take personal interest and care with all patients.


I came to Sankara Nethralaya for my LASIK on 28th December 2009. I only heard about it, but after coming here, I felt it's one of the best temple for human's eye. I am happy with my operation also with its services and the procedures to attend to patients. Everything goes very smoothly.

Not only the management, but also the receptionists, doctors, nurses deal with patients with personal touch. I will suggest my friends, family to visit Sankara Nethralaya.


My experience with the LASIK Center in Sankara Netralaya has been great. I selected Sankara Nethralaya as it is a well known and reputed organization for eye care. Something which is worth mentioning is the hospitality of the staff at your center. They are very courteous and are ready to answer any questions and help the patients in understanding the nitty gritties of LASIK. I would like to express my gratitude and special thanks to Mr. Mahalingam for paying extra attention and being with us in every part of the treatment. Your words of courage and wisdom really helped me to get mentally ready for the surgery. Thanks for your support again.

.........Ms. Ramya.

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and care exercised by your organization. People know their job well and are efficient. All the doctors give a fair assessment of the risks involved which I had already researched on the net. Most importantly everyone from the receptionist to the doctors show immense patience with the repetitive questions and apprehensions of the patients and their families.

Fire your dreams!!

..........Mr. Jaiguru M.

I should say the whole procedure was quite pleasant; no pain and customer service was really good. A clear explanation given about the procedure gave me more confidence to go ahead with LASIK procedure, many thanks for all the help. I can’t believe I am seeing the world with my own eyes without any supplement, whatever they have done in Sankara Nethralaya is amazing. Thanks to all.

..........Mr. Sathish Poonath, Australia, Melbourne.

My lasik treatment experience has been fantastic. It was like another home for me. Doctor Prema and other members of staff were extremely helpful and cordial. After the initial rounds of check ups, Dr. Prema explained to me the entire process, advantages, side effects, if any, on a case-to-case basis. The actual procedure took only 30 minutes. My lasik treatment was successfully completed a year and a half earlier and till date I have not faced any side effects.

Sankara Nethralaya is a highly recommended hospital for any kind of eye treatment.

..........Ms. Neeti Sardana, New Delhi.

“Your Hospital ( Sankara Nethralaya) is so respected here in Australia and I heard about it from a friend who did LASIK laser in your Hospital. He insisted that I go to your esteemed Hospital" for my LASIK Procedures.

..........Mr Trevor Wills, Australia.

I underwent a LASIK procedure at your esteemed organisation six months ago for my eye power correction. Thanks to the wonderful facilities and state-of-the- art equipments at Sankara Nethralaya my vision became normal after the surgery. I am especially grateful to my surgeon Dr. N. Radhika for the great professionalism that she showed in her task. I convey my sincere gratitude towards the service provided by Sankara Nethralaya and its team of reputed Eye Surgeons.

.......... Mr. Premnath Natarajan, Melbourne, Australia.

I am back in Nairobi and recovering well. I have resumed work too. I would like to thank you a lot for all the assistance that you offered me. Keep up the good work. We were foreigners in India and you made us feel very comfortable.

About Sankara Nethralaya , I am sure I have made the best decision of coming to Chennai to have my surgery done. i work for emirates airline and i had an option to travel to South Africa and have the surgery done there but when i was referred to Sankara Nethralaya I was really impressed with the number of surgeries performed and of course by your professionalism in replying to my emails. You are surely very prompt at email responses and i must say this once again, keep it up.

You have a great team at Sankara Nethralaya , Dr. Bhaskar, Dr. Radhika, Dr. Geetha, all excellent and not to forget your ophthalmologists who are very thorough with their work,

Doctors are very professional and treat all patients equally, the procedure was exactly the same as what i was told and it was not a surprise to me,I exactly knew what was going on.

I will surely spread a word around in Kenya and to all my family and friends as this temple is worth visiting,

.......... Ms. Aliya,Nairobi,Kenya,E

A dream came true...As before to Chennai and Sankara Nethralaya, I was confused whether i would be able to see nature and life without lenses.... Luckily i came to chennai for project purpose and came in contact with Mr.A Mahalingam...because of his cooperative support i went for lasik operation and after that everything has been fine. From the day of treatment till today I haven’t touched my glasses and am able to see everything very clearly. Thanks to Sankara Nethralaya for its homely support and care during and after the treatment which makes me very much delighted than before.

.......... Mr.Ankush Gupta

My vision is perfect after the LASIK Procedures at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. I will encourage more people to go to your center for LASIK Procedures..

.......... Nakache, France

I feel happy to inform u again that, it is very much comfortable for me to be without spectacles after undergoing LASIK treatment. The treatment I had undergone from SANKARA NETRALAYA is very much satisfying for me and I will recommend your institution to my friends & relatives also.

.......... Mr. B.Malligeswaran

On my recent visit to Sankara Nethralaya, I have found that the service given to out-of-station patients is very excellent. The staffs have all been brilliantly friendly and helpful. Over all i can say that you have super service, super staff and well equipped hospital. Sincerely thanking you and the staffs of the hospital.

.......... Ms. Lachchhi Rai

I never thought I will be able to see the world without my lenses or spectacles. But LASIK is a wonder for me.

.......... Ms. Dipti Shah

SN provides class service to its patients, I am very fortunate and lucky enough to get the surgery done from this highly esteemed organization.

I started wearing glasses for the first time in my life at the age when i was in 6th class and directly got high power of (-)4.0 and since then the power kept on increasing and before the lasik surgery the power was stagnant at (-)9. I was using contact lenses for last three years before going for this surgery. Contact lenses were also inconvenient as one cannot sleep wearing the same and cannot wear it for long hours. I wanted something which is hassle free and also safe for my eyes. Then I came to know about Sankara Nethralaya from quite renowned opticians & doctors here in Delhi who suggested me to get the surgery done. I was asked to discontinue the use of contact lenses for a period of at least 2 weeks before the surgery. The staff at the hospital were quite helpful before and after the surgery. They thoroughly explained to me the whole procedure before they started with the surgery. Few tests were done prior to surgery to analyze the condition of my eyes. Soon after the operation was over my vision did become clear but i was asked to wear covered glasses for a min period of 1 week. They also advised few medications and some precautions for few days following the surgery which i followed as prescribed by them. As a result, my eyes are doing very fine and as healthy as it was before i wore any contact lenses and glasses. I can work for hours in computer and there is no more hassle of removing lenses or glasses. I am very much satisfied with the kind of services given. Mr. Mahalingam has helped us in many ways while our visit and stay at chennai. Many thanks to you Sir.

My eyes are perfectly fine and I thank all at Sanakara Nethralaya for this. And I also wish this organization Good Luck and hope this continues to provide Class service going forward too....!!!!! ALL THE BEST.

.......... Ms. Sreedevi A

I am writing to inform you of my memorable experience at Sankara Nethralaya . I am delighted to have chosen Sankara Nethralaya for my LASIK procedure done by Dr Prema Padmanabhan.

1. The very first contact and the subsequent ones with Mr Mahalingam have been very positive. He has been of immense service starting from pre procedure education, prompt e- mail communication and co-ordinating every step of the care delivery.

2. The staff I interacted with were very courteous and professional. The OT staff knew how to be compassionate and caring .
I would like to thank the staff and the organization for doing an outstanding job !

.......... Mr. Muthukumar Vaidyaraman ,MD MBA, Hawaii, US

I found everybody to be extremely professional at all times and always let you know before hand how long each visit would take. Each department was very efficient, and very little paper work, and no confusing forms which can be quite traumatic for some patients before they even start treatment but this was not the case. I found Dr.Rama Rajagopal to be very informative in my treatment for Lasik and said in a way that was understood, Lasik itself was very quick and painless and would recommend this treatment to anyone like myself with myopia, the procedure took 10 minutes from start to finish and the after effects were a little discomfort for a few hours as if you have an eyelash in your eye I would say irritating is a better word to use than pain, by the next morning you wouldn’t know that anything had been done to your eye, you can get on with your every day life with some caution of course, all in all a very good experience.

.......... Ms. Margot Blair

Nethralaya services were excellent. I came there all the way from Hong Kong after hearing all the good about Netharalaya services. I am very much thankful to the doctors and staff

.......... Soibu from Hong Kong

Sankara Nethralaya is a world wide renewed eye hospital for perfect diagnosis and treatment. Particularly doctors & staff are very courteous to patients.

.......... Mr. Murali

Sankara Nethralaya is the super hospital in India. Lasik is the new life of eye. In Nethralaya everybody is very good and very cooperative. I am very pleased to come to Sankara Nethralaya.

.......... Mr. Rajeev Kumar

I was very pleased to be at Sankara because I got the best medical advice I could possibly have got. I was impressed with the professional attitude of your medical and supporting staff and felt very secure and confident that I was in the safest of hands.

.......... Ms. Niroshni, Mauritius

Your organization works with full of dedication, devotion and determination. It has been very aptly and appropriately been the title of the “Super brand” eye hospital in the world.

.......... Ms. Fanisha Dhote

I personally have been the beneficiary of the medical and eye care provided by this outstanding institution in a most friendly manner, competent manner which is not available anywhere in India.

.......... Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh

We had visited Chennai for the first time for LASIK surgery and it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Sudhir was very reassuring and friendly. All my fears of the surgery ended with this experience. All the staff have been really helpful and friendly and I am glad I visited your establishment.

SN is truly a memorable experience and everyone there makes it more wonderful

..........Ms. Shethal

Really appreciate the support extended to us at Sankara Nethralaya. Have referred my relatives and friends (who have eye problems) to take up the lasik treatment at your hospital

.......... Ms.Priya Manoj, UAE

Your team is simply doing commendable job, Keep doing the great work with motto of “VISION WITH MISSION”

.......... Ms. Roselyn Rekha

Sankara Nethralaya provided very good services and very good interaction with patients. Very much comfort during my lasik procedure at the OT.

.......... Ms. Priya G

I am feeling great without spectacles, Thanks a ton to Sankara Nethralaya.

.......... Mr. Prasanna