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LASIK @ SANKARA NETHRALAYA CHENNAI: for many years of experiences (more than a decade) with an excellent technology, we are doing very well in our Refractive Surgery treatment of the shortsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatic patients. The new Wavefront Technology (using the Wave Light Allegretto Excimer laser Machine) that we have got here allows us to treat quite a range of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Our Refractive Surgery Centre functions( between 8.00 – 3.00 pm) on all week days except Sundays & holidays, For your convenience and better care , please make an appointment in advance at least 1 week ahead. You can schedule an appointment via on-line or / fax (044 2825 4180) or call us at 0 93801 07258 / 0 93802 88188 / 093822 77727 and schedule your consultation withy our Specialist. (In our Centre this treatment is performed only by specialized Corneal Refractive surgeon and not by general ophthalmologist).

Before having the LASIK surgery, we recommend that you have a pre LASIK assessment to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery or NOT. The pre-LASIK assessment process normally takes about 2-3 hours (Approx).

Prior to your visit to us what we need from you is:

1. Please remember that if you are a contact lens wearer you have to discontinue the use of the same at least 2 weeks prior to your lasik consultation (This is because the contact lens sits on the cornea and flattens it. By removing the contact lenses we get accurate measurements of the natural shape of the surface of the eye [the cornea].During this period you can wear spectacles.

2. As a part of Comprehensive Eye examination for Lasik, we dilate your pupils for doing Retinal evaluation, Since we dilate the pupils, we request you to have someone accompanying you to drive you back as you will not be able to self-drive. This is because the vision is slightly fuzzy for an hour or two. Hence avoid going back to office work after the evaluation is completed.

3. The primary objective of this consultation is to determine that whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction (LASIK), and if so, which procedure is most appropriate for you.

4. The treatments we apply are customized for the person’s needs, age and power of your eye to give a precise result.

5. LASIK Information Brochure of our treatment procedures is available at the LASIK Reception desk (Room NO 402).

6. Our LASIK Secretary will provide you an Outpatient information sheet to be filled for your medical record. Kindly complete all applicable spaces with Capital letters, then we will be given a receipt for your payment and MRD No mentioned Identity Card with LASIK Cell visiting card.

7. Your preliminary examination with our Optometrist includes:
a. A complete history taking of your health & eye.
b. Visual Acuity Testing
c. Refraction
d. Keratometry (measurement of corneal curvature)
e. Slit Lamp Examination
f. Pupillary measurements
g. Tear Film Analysis
h. Glaucoma Testing
i. Pachymetry (Measurement of corneal thickness)

8. You should be informed if you suffer from any of the following during our preliminary eye examination:
a. Uncontrolled vascular disease or with autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis.
b. Are on immune-compromised or on immunity-suppressing drugs.
c. Are pregnant, nursing, expecting to become pregnant within the 3 months following the LASIK procedure or on extensive hormone therapy for gynecological dysfunction;
d. Have residual, recurrent, or active ocular disease(s) or abnormality except for myopia [or hyperopia] in either eye;
e. Have any active or residual systemic disease(s) likely to affect wound healing capability like diabetes.
f. Had herpes infection / injury of the eye in the past;
g. Have progressive myopia or hyperopia [unstable spectacle power];
h. Amblyopia (lazy eye); glaucoma; severe dry eye.

9. Your eyes will be dilated with eye drops by our secretary. You are asked to keep your eyes closed for a brief period of time to aid the dilation (time required for pupil dilation varies, the secretary checks if you are ready for the further examination).

10. During the consultation our Refractive Surgeon the following tests / procedures to be performed and decide about the type of Refractive Surgery and Pros and Cons will be discussed in person by our specialist.
a. Microscopic evaluation of the health and integrity of the front of your eye, the cornea.
b. Examination of your Retinal and Optic Nerve with Indirect Ophthalmoscope, during this test room lights are off few minute.
c. Any other test may be performed the specialist finds necessary.

11. After the consultation, the identified LASIK candidate to under go Corneal Topography Corneal Topography / Aberrometry and Pentacam test to study the Cornea in depth( This Test can be done either on the day of consultation or the following days based on the slots availability for the same). Some Candidates may require to under go Post Mydriatic test to confirm the refraction. During your ocular examination, if we found any changes in your retina, we will internally refer to the retinal experts for their opinion (this will not applicable for all lasik candidates, most of the high myopia candidates rarely require this cross consultation) All these tests are normal the candidate may undergo the lasik procedure as per their convenient days.

12. Further LASIK specific tests( Pre Operative Safety Tests) will be performed:
a. Corneal Topography( Digital mapping of the Cornea)
b. FACT & LVCA (Low contrast Visual Acuity) – if advised.
c. Aberrometry Test.
d. Pentacam Test
e. All the above tests are normal, and then you will be an ideal candidate for lasik procedures and to be scheduled as per your convenient dates.

13. Your Treatment Fee Structure and Payment procedure will be explained to you and Our LASIK Receptionist will help you fix the appointment for the LASIK procedure.

We normally perform LASIK treatment every Mondays / Wednesdays and Fridays. The duration of treatment is hardly 10-15 minutes per eye and both eyes are treated in the same sitting in case of LASIK procedure (If you are undergoing EPILASIK – one only eye is treated first and a soft bandage contact lens placed in the eye for 3-4 days and the other eye may be operated or whenever the patient comfortable.( Both eye also can be performed)

Prior to your arrival – On the Day of the Procedure:

Sankara Nethralaya – Refractive Surgery Centre (LASIK Wing) process for Candidates before, during and after the LASIK procedure. Prior to your arrival. There are no restrictions on eating, drinking or medications on the day of your LASIK Procedure. We do encourage you to eat prior to your arrival. Wear comfortable clothing. It is required that you should not wear make-up, perfume, cologne, aftershave or hairspray that day of the procedure.

On Your arrival for LASIK Procedure:

You should plan on being at the LASIK Wing approximately 1 to 2 hours on the day of your procedure. Please be accompanied and attendant. Do not drive by yourself after your treatment and also bring sunglasses (side covered one) if possible or you can buy from our optical shop prior to the procedure because you might feel light sensitivity and also protect your eyes from bright light.( It is available in the LASIK KIT)

When you arrive at our LASIK Centre, on the day of your procedure, you will complete a brief check-in process (if any repeated tests). Our secretary will collect your final payment and let the surgical team know you have arrived. You will be asked to sign your consent forms prior to the procedure. We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our attentive staff will be on hand to cater to your needs and to keep you informed and comfortable through every step of the process. You will also meet with our Refractive surgeon prior to your surgery, and we will recheck any measurements necessary to ensure your eyes stability.

What to Expect during and After your Procedure:

During the Procedure:

This is an outpatient procedure that will last approximately 10-15 minutes per eye. Most procedures take less than thirty minutes for both eyes. LASIK Procedure is performed in a few small steps...

As LASIK is slightly more surgical in nature, sterile surgical conditions are maintained.

1. In preparation for the procedure, your eye and face is cleaned with a disinfectant. You wear a surgical cap and mask. The pre-op technician will escort you into the laser room. Local anaesthtic (eye numbing drops) eye drops will be instilled to avoid pain during the procedure. The surgeon will be ready and waiting for you when you enter the laser room. The procedure is done very quickly and efficiently.

2. The Excimer Laser is calibrated and programmed by our qualified laser technicians and verified by the surgeon prior to the procedure.

3. You will recline on a chair as we position you properly for treatment.

4. Your eyelashes are taped out of the way and an eyelid holder (Eye Speculam) is put in your eye to prevent blinking.

5. In the LASIK procedure, a small flap is made in the cornea. To hold your eye in position while the flap is being made, we use what's called a suction ring. You will not see anything or feel any pain, but you may feel some pressure, while the flap is made. When the flap is turned over your vision will get a little blurry. You are asked to fixate on a green target light.

The laser part of the procedure is performed and takes 1-2 minutes. The flap is placed back into position and the surgeon will wait 3 to 5 minutes for the eye to create a natural vacuum to hold the flap down. The typical LASIK procedure takes about 10-15 minutes per eye.

After the Procedure:

Once your procedure is done, the surgeon will also give your eyes one final look (Slit Lamp Examination in LASIK OT) before sending you on your way. You will be able to go home within half an hour after given the post LASIK instructions by our LASIK OT staff (Dos & Don’ts) Patients can leave for home immediately after the treatment. The post LASIK candidate to be reviewed the following day of the procedure in our centre and we would like to review post LASIK candidate as out patients one month, 3 months and 6 months after treatment at Nethralaya. Patients coming from a long distance / outstation can have these checkups with their local eye specialist and send the follow up report in a prescribed format (you can collect from our secretary / down load it from our website) to us by letter / mail ( )

Post-Refractive Surgery Instructions (Do`s & Don`ts):

Mild / Moderate tearing is expected after the procedure.
Foreign Body Sensation, Irritation & watering also expected
Small red spots on the white surface of the eye – occasionally appear.
Sensitivity to bright light /Corneal Haze – on the day the procedure.
Instillations of eye drops as per the prescriptions.
Cleaning of the lid margin gently with sterile tissue from the following day
Have normal food / no any restrictions
Can have below neck bath from the following day.
Blink your eyes gently & frequently on the day of treatment
Can read, watch TV after the treatment
Can work computer 3rd day of your treatment.
Can have below neck bath from the following day.
Use sunglasses when you go out / plastic shields while sleep – 2 weeks
Do not touch / rub your eye
No exposure of dust
No head bath / splash of water into the eye for 2 wks
Do not keep open your eye too long.
Do not clean the eye on the day of the procedure
Do not swim for a month.
No make up / eye liner for a month
Avoid exercise / self-driving for a week.
Our LASIK Team:
LASIK Doctors:
Dr Baskar Srinivasan
Dr Geetha K Iyer
Dr Prema P
Dr Radhika N
Dr Rama R
Dr Sudhir R R
LASIK Counselor:
Ms Subha Jaya
LASIK Optometrists:
Ms Aparna
Ms Deepa M
Ms Sivashankari
Ms Vasanthi
LASIK Secretaries:
Mr Sambasivan
Mr Lakshman Raj
Mr Balaji
Mr Ramesh
Ms Rudradevi
Mr Selvakumar
Mr Vijayakumar

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Mobile Numbers: 0 93801 07258 / 0 93802 88188 / 093822 77727.