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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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R.S. Mehta Jain Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
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Dept of Biochemistry, Cell Biology was started in a small way in the year 1985 . Active research was started in 1991 by Prof. S. Ramakrishnan and Dr. K. N. Sulochana into Ocular Biochemistry. The extensive areas of research includes, cataract, Eales disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, pathways of homocysteine and proteoglycan, novel protein isolation, use of amino acid as antiglycating substances to mitigate diabetic complication were the focus of the lab.

Later Dr. N. Angayarkanni since 2002 has been working in primary cultures of Bovine retinal pigment epithelium, retinal capillary Endothelial and pericytes focussing on ECM changes in the vitreo-retinal pathologies apart from establisbing proteomics

Current Focus is on drug development for the treatment of ocular angiogenesis, alterations in metabolic pathways leading to diseases, structural function studies of proteins, protein-protein interactions, clinical proteomics, lipidomics, toxicology