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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Centre For Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics has become an essential component of computationally intensive functional genomics, comparative genomics, gene discovery, transcriptional regulatory networks, biochemical pathway analysis, molecular modeling, proteomics and rational drug design. It helps to analyze genes on a massive scale to dissect the precise understanding of the biological processes at the molecular level. Bioinformatics is widely regarded as the key to decipher the staggering functional genomics and genotyping data in the 21st century.

Envisaging the potential of bioinformatics in modern biological research, KBIRVO, SankaraNethralaya established Center for Bioinformatics by 2010, to provide a platform for education and research in bioinformatics and its application to Vision Science. The ultimate goal of this multidisciplinary center is to focus on research and education in the rapidly emerging fields of bioinformatics and computational biology which deal with the analysis, integration and management of biological or biomedical data generated by high-throughput techniques in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics (with potential application to ocular diseases). The Department was established and led by Dr.V.Umashankar since 2010.

Vision & Missions
The primary goal of Center for Bioinformatics is to increase our understanding of biological processes pertaining to Vision Research.
To develop the capacity for leadership in applying modern bioinformatics tools to the study and treatment of ocular diseases and make the facility as a hub for ophthalmic investigators all over India.
To develop core competencies, analytical and informatics tools and methodologies for the acquisition, storage, analysis, interpretation and integration of staggering amounts of biomedical data, generated from genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic studies, using high performance computational systems with the ultimate goal of elucidating differences between health and disease.
To provide personalized training and enhance the skills of ophthalmic investigators in bioinformatics.
To conduct workshops, training programs and seminars for ophthalmic researchers and investigators from other disciplines of biology on the potential application of bioinformatics tools in modern biology.
Bioinformatics & its applications in Vision Research
Next Generation Sequencing Data analysis, Protein structure prediction, protein- drug interactions, Molecular Dynamics Simulation studies, evolutionary analysis, Systems Biology based Drug Target Identification and Drug design for ophthalmic ailments are the major bioinformatics areas of focus serving the Vision Research Community.
HOD & Principal Scientist: Dr. V. Umashankar, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDBI.,Ph.D,
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Research Fellows:  
Junior Scientist Ms.ShaliniMuralikumar,M.Tech
Research Fellow (ICMR) Mr.Aun John, M.Tech.,
Senior Research Fellow (ICMR) Mr. S.Muthukumaran, M.Sc.,
Project Fellow (SERB) Ms. AnupriyaSadasivam, M.Sc.,
Junior Research Fellow (DBT): Mr. Samdani, B.Tech.,