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Sankara Nethralaya Diabetic Retinopathy Project (SNDRP)

SNDRP was initiated in 2003 to combat rising prevalence of diabetes related-blindness. The six major components of SNDRP were rural diabetic retinopathy screening program, urban epidemiological & molecular genetic study, tele-screening, urban incidence study of DR and rural epidemiological study of prevalence of DR.

Rural Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program

An important objective was to create a comprehensive diabetic retinopathy screening model for rural population. Between 2003 and 2006, 458 awareness meetings were conducted to spread the message on diabetes and diabetic retinopathy; over 150,000 people were benefited. In 77 diabetic screening camps, 25313 self-reported individuals were examined. The prevalence of diabetes was 5475/25,313 (21.63%).

Of those 26,519 persons with diabetes that underwent diabetic screening in 198 camps, the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy was 4671/26519 (17.6%).The prevalence of DR in persons with newly detected diabetes was 10.1%, and in known diabetes was 17.8%. SIght threatening Retinopathy was seen in 1407/26519 (5.3%)

Urban Epidemiological and Molecular Genetic Study

A population based study, designed to elucidate the prevalence of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in urban Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Using stratified random sampling, based on socioeconomic status, 5999individuals above the age of 40 years were enrolled. All known and newly diagnosed diabetics underwent comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation including 450 four field digital fundus photographs. Prevalence of DM was 28.2% Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in population with diabetes mellitus was 18.0%.

Tele Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Tele diabetic retinopathy screening model was initiated to reach remote rural areas in both Tamilnadu and Karnataka. A mobile van having a customized ophthalmic office with satellite connectivity to the base hospital was used. The fundus images were transmitted real time by satellite connectivity for interpretation and diagnosis and counseling. The procedure was found to be cost-effective; telescreening is an important tool for mass screening of diabetic population in the rural areas.

Urban Incidence Study of Diabetic Retinopathy is an ongoing study initiated in 2008 to to find the 4 year incidence of Diabetic Retinopathy in Urban Cohort. The clinical, genetic and biochemical risk factors for progression of retinopathy will be elucidated.

Rural epidemiological study of prevalence of DR: Based on findings of rising prevalence of DR from our self reported rural population screening program, a rural epidemiological study of DR is initiated in 2008 to find the prevalence of DR in rural areas. The study is conducted through a well equipped mobile van with laboratory and comprehensive eye examination setup.

Acknowledgements: Lions Club International Foundation, RD Tata Trust, Jamshetji Tata trust, World Diabetes Federation and Indian Space Research Organization

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