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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Microbiology
PH.D Awardees From L & T Microbiology Research Center
Name Title University
Dr. A. R. Anand - 2001 “Evaluation of Molecular techniques in the diagnosis of infectious endophthalmitis” Tamil Nadu
Dr. M. G. R Medical University, Chennai
Dr. K. Priya - 2002 “The role of Molecular biological techniques on Clinical specimens in Human Infections due to Herpes Simplex Virus(HSV), Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) and Cytomegalovirus (CMV)” Birla Institute of Technology and Science
(BITS, Pilani )
Dr. J. Malathi - 2003 “Molecular methods in the characterization of Adenoviruses and Chlamydia trachomatis detected in Clinical specimens” BITS, Pilani
Dr. R. Bagyalakshmi - 2008 “Role of nucleic acid based amplification technique in detection, characterization and species level identification of fungi in clinical specimens and a study of in vitro sensitivity pattern of ocular fungal isolates” BITS, Pilani
Dr. G. Shyamala - 2008 “Nucleic Acid based Amplification methods for the detection, Quantification and Characterization of Viruses in Clinical Specimen” BITS, Pilani
Ms. B. Mahalakshmi - 2008 “Role of Nucleic acid based–molecular biological techniques and evaluation of serological methods in the laboratory diagnosis of ocular toxoplasmosis and genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii ” BITS, Pilani
Ms. P. Deepa - 2008 “Role of Nucleic Acid Based Amplification tests in the Detection & Identification of Mycobacterial Infections and Determination of Sequence Variation & Rifampicin Resistance Among Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates “ Tamil Nadu
Dr. M. G. R Medical University, Chennai
Ms. P. Sowmya - 2009 “Nucleic acid based molecular biological methods for quantization and characterization of Human Cytomegalovirus in the clinical specimens from immunocompromised patients” Tamil Nadu
Dr. M. G. R Medical University, Chennai
Pursuing Ph.D - Ms.R.Gayathri, Ms.M.Sowmiya
Name Title University
Ms. R. Gayathri Rapid detection of M. tuberculosis by molecular methods from clinical specimens and genotypic drug susceptibility testing of M. tuberculosis BITS, Pilani
Ms. M. Sowmiya Detection of drug resistance exhibited by Gram-negative bacteria isolated from clinical specimens to quinolones and ESBL group of drugs by molecular methods. BITS, Pilani

Dr. H. N. Madhavan - Programme Director

Dr. K. Lily Therese - Programme Co-ordinator

In the year 2006 short term (3-4 months from December to next year March) research project for final year post graduate students from Arts and Science College / Engineering college was initiated and so far 6 candidates availed the opportunity in Microbiology department under the aegis of Vidya Sagar Institute of Biomedical Technology and Science (VIBS).

One month hands-on training programme for postgraduate students in biological sciences studying in science colleges during May – June (summer holidays) was started in the year 2004 in Microbiology department on several biomedical technologies such as nucleic acid based molecular biological techniques like Polymerase Chain Reaction for detection of infectious agents, ELISA, tissue culture and virology under the aegis of Vidya Sagar Institute of Biomedical Technology and Science (VIBS). Till the year 2009, 108 Candidates from Various Arts and Science College have been trained and 3 candidates underwent the training in the May 2009