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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Larsen & Toubro Ocular Pathology

The department of Nanomedicine, Vision Research Foundation, a unit of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai was started in 2008 as a cutting edge division. Dr.S.Krishnakumar started work using nanotechnology on receiving the DBT International Fellowship. Research involves usage of nanoparticles in drugs and cell delivery. He is using nanoparticles with antibodies, aptamers and various drugs for sustained and non-toxic delivery with emphasis on cancer. Most of this work is in collaboration with national and international partners; ILS, IIT Madras, CLRI, SASTRA, University of Missuori and Deakin, Australia. Dr.R.S Judith joined in 2008. Her specilisation is in synthetic and natural biomaterials in wound healing. She is presently working on using metal nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for inhibitors for cancer treatment. The department has started looking at scaffolds made of nanomaterials and natural polymers for regenerative medicine Dr.Nivedita Chatterjee is working in collaboration with SASTRA to deliver vector based therapy in nanoparticles targetted towards both cancer and as a neuroprotectant. The faculty are funded by government and international agencies, DBT, ICMR, DST in 6 projects. Till date two review papers have been published.

Internship projects : 5