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Ophthalmic EMR Suite

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Integrated Hospital Management System

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The SN TCS Ophthalmic EMR is the efficient way to increase your profits, manage your patient records and streamline the workflow in your Hospital. Incorporating ophthalmic EMR in your ophthalmology clinic allows you to see more patients each day, reduces the costs associated with managing your hospital, and ensures patient safety and confidentiality. Implementing the ophthalmic EMR is easy and takes a minimal amount of time to install, learn and maintain.
Document Management

The patient documents like Referral Letters, previous reports and other documentation can be uploaded in EMR and reviewed.
Digital Pad Interface

The application can be run either on a Tablet PC platform or with a Digital Pad interface with your normal Desktop for your drawing needs. This interface allows the users of the EMR to move along in the care setting and allows for easy point and click use.
Peripheral Device Interface
The application is interfaced with peripheral devices like scanner, printer and webcam. The application can capture the photograph of the patient, print patient case summary and other reports and scan important documents.
The Security in the system provides controls to access information available in the application. Application level security is dealt using passwords. It deals with user level security for different modules and their functions. Each user has access to a predefined set of actions (add/modify/delete/query) on various functions in a given module providing Role Based Access.
The system also has the feature of automatic log-off after certain time of system inactivity. The system can be interfaced with advance security features like Smart Card, Biometrics and Digital Signature.
The application allows the hospital or care setting to configure the system according to their clinical workflows.
Alert Engine 
Alert Engine is a one of the strongest feature of the suite. The application can be configured to generate alerts. The alert engine generates them when an identified event occurs. These alerts can be configured at the data element level.
Configurability, Flexibility & Adaptability
The application suite can be configured to match the hospital needs - your way…
The SN TCS ophthalmic EMR is entirely web-based and can be accessed using any standard browser. It does not matter whether a user has to log in the hospital LAN or access the application through a mobile device at a remote location via a browser. This translates to better care as a clinical user can access a crucial lab result status, the moment it is posted.
Med Pad Interface 
The application is integrated with Medpad that allows for free-hand writing/noting remarks. Also posses annotation capability
Integrated Online help, training videos

The suite has an integrated online help which helps new user to get accustomed with the screens and functionality of the application
Access to online resources
The application has links to online medical education resources. This helps the physicians in their treatment, diagnosis and care plans.
Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis shows patient trend based on diagnosis and other important clinical criterias.
Reports Engine 

Various Clinical and Administrative Reports can be generated using the application. These reports can be customized according to the user needs.
Standards Compliant 

The application is HL7 compliant and can be interfaced easily to other hospital management systems using HL7. The application is also compliant with international standards like ICD, LOINC, CPT etc.
Graphical User Interface 

The Graphical User Interface enhances the user friendliness of the system. The point & click features provided by mouse compatibility reduces usage of the keyboard. The user interface is customizable.
Patient Analysis
Patient Analysis is a special tool, which analyse patient data using given creteria  and delivers occurances in percentage.
EHR Meaningful use complaince
Ophthalmic EMR is build according to EHR Meaningful use guidelines.
The application suite consists of modules, which cater to different functional areas common to ophthalmic care. The modules can be implemented independent of one another.

The key components of the EMR module
Out Patient (OP) EMR

To capture the patient details in the out patients

Enables storage, retrieval and examination of
In Patient (IP) EMR

Inpatient encounter details
Drug formulary

Provides drug to drug interactions, drug
contraindications, side effects and allergy

The key specialities offered in the EMR are as follows
* Cornea

* Uvea

* Oculoplasty

* Neuro ophthalmology

* Glaucoma

* General ophthalmology

* Vitreo retina

* Optometry

* Squint


The EMR module captures the inpatient and outpatient encounter details and generates case summary. The case summary is visit based and can be used for referrals and insurance claims.

OP EMR Features
Appointment Details
Optometry Functionalities
Chief Complaints and History
Examination with Templates
OP Procedures
Test Requisitions & Results
Diagnosis and Advice
Glass and Medicine Prescription
Patient Case Summary
IP EMR Features
Physical fitness by Physician
Anaesthesia details
Surgery details
IP Templates
Nursing details
Pre-Op Notes
Operative Notes
Discharge Summary
Clinical Decision Support System
CDSS is a rule engine based application that guides users to making informed decisions in the process of diagnosis; investigation and treatment of patients. It can be used as a Screening Tool, Diagnostic Support Application and as a Treatment Guidance Solution
Key Focus Areas Challenges Implementation Models
Ophthalmic Healthcare clinics No Universally accepted CDSS Systems in the Market Stand alone screening tools
Speciality Ophthalmic Hospitals Most of the CDSS stops at diagnosis stage Integrated with EMR
Multi-speciality Hospital with Ophthalmic sub-sepcaility Most systems does not allow user to build rules Mobile based implementation is possible for health workers
  Most systems are not linked to alert engine and not self learning Trend analysers tool
Key Features
* Allows users to build their own rules and view them against interferences
* Self learning as Volume of the Data in the data stores increases
* Encompasses the complete patient flow outcome
* Linked to Alert Engine and Trend analyser
* Supports Multi level Drill down, lined with EMR
* Web based application – Anywhere / Anytime access
* Envisaged as a Knowledge management tool
* Can be configured to handle specific disease states
* Can be used as a Diagnostic tool for large populations
Chandra Mouli S, CITO
Sankara Nethralaya (Main Campus)
No. 41 (old 18), College Road, Chennai - 600 006, Tamil Nadu , India.
Ph: 044 - 2827 1616, Email:
Frequently asked questions
Q1. What are the options available to get this Application Suite? 
This product is available and deployed in a on-premises Data Centre.  .The two specific tailored suites are
* EMR Suite for Ophthalmic Hospitals
* EMR Suite with Hospital Management System for Enterprise Ophthalmic Hospital..
Q2. My Hospital is already automated with the HMS part? How Can I have only the EMR part integrated to that? 

Yes. It can be customized and integrated to your existing suite of applications. We may require doing a study and then understanding the integration parts. Technically we can do that. 
Q3. How many installations you have already put this EMR? 

This practice management EMR is already up and running in Sankara Nethralaya for the last 3 years.  
Q4. Any ball park figures of costs for this Application Suite? 

Please send a mail with the feedback and your requirements, size of your operations etc. We will send you a comprehensive proposal on this.
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