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Ocular Prosthesis

The Ocular Prosthesis service at Sankara Nethralaya is a Referral Department of Oculoplasty, for the management of patients with eviscerated, enucleated socket and physical eye. These problems are managed cosmetically by prosthesis.

Definition of prosthesis: It is an artificial part supplied to remedy a deficiency. e.g. leg, teeth, eye etc.

Types Of Ocular Prosthesis:

Customized Prosthesis:

Preparing eye shells for the patients according to their socket dimensions.
Stock Eyes:
Ready made eye shells that are available in the market.
Comparison Between Custom Made And Stock Eyes
Custom made Prosthesis Stock Eye
Prepared according to patient's socket measurement Readily available in the market
Made of high grade plastic Made of low grade plastic
Good symmetry with other eye Poor symmetry with other eye
Better eye movement with the prosthesis Lesser eye movements with the stock eye
Modifications are possible to solve problems like Ptosis, proptosis and socket expansion without surgery No modifications are possible
Indication For Ocular Prosthesis
Status post enucleation
Status post evisceration
Physical eye
Atrophic bulbi
Corneal scar
Congenital anophthalmia /microphthalmia
The patient has to come on OPD basis for fitting custom made prosthesis. It usually takes one to two days for making a custom made prosthesis.
A regular follow up is required once in 3 months in case of children and for adults every 6 months.
Maintenance of prosthesis:
Wash hands before handling the prosthesis
The shells can be worn continuously
It has to be cleaned once a day with clean water, dried and worn.
Precaution should be taken to reduce scratches
Eye lubricants can be used to increase the lid movements and closure.
Polishing must be done once a year.