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Last Updated: October 2015
Sri Nathella Sampathu Chetty Clinical Laboratory
(A unit of Medical Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya)
Sri Nathella Sampathu Chetty Clinical Laboratory was established on 5th March 1982
The Legal name of the parent organization is “Medical Research Foundation”. The Organization is Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 (S.No. 25 of 1978).
Address of SNSC Clinical Laboratory
No 41, (OLD No: 18), College Road, Chennai – 600 006, Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: 2823 3556 / 2827 1616 / 2831 1913
Fax: 91-044-2825 4180
Contact Person: Dr.N. Angayarkanni, Quality Manager, Email -
There are two other locations at Chennai

1. SNSC Clinical Laborotory Collection Centre
No. 21, Pycrofts Garden Road (off. Haddows Road), (JKCN Complex)
Chennai - 600 006, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph No: 91-044-28271616
Fax No: 91-044-282541800

2. Navasuja Sankara Nethralaya (Collection Centre)
No. 73, Venkata Krishna Road, Raja Annamalaipuram,
Chennai: 600 028, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph No: 91-044-24611273, 24610118

Sri Nathella Sampathu Chetty Clinical Laboratory
Quality Policy and Objectives

Click here to View the Quality Policy

The laboratories under SNSC Clinical lab includes
  • Clinical Biochemistry: Main laboratory
  • Clinical Pathology: Main laboratory
  • Clinical Hematology: Main laboratory
  • Microbiology and Serology: 6th floor, Kamal Nayan Bajaj Institute for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (KNBIRVO)
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology: 3rd floor, KNBIRVO block
  • Genetics and Molecular biology: 4th floor, KNBIRVO block
  • Special Clinical Biochemistry: 5th floor, KNBIRVO block
  • SNSC Clinical Laboratory (Collection Centre): 21, Pycrofts Garden Road
  • Navasuja Sankara Nethralaya (Collection Centre): No. 73, Venkata Krishna Road, Raja Annamalaipuram
The primary sample is collected at Main laboratory at SN main and at SNSC Clinical Laboratory, Pycorfts Road and NSN centers.
Renovated Main Laboratory November 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Clinical Haematology and Clinical Pathology
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Clinical Biochemistry
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Special Biochemistry
Lab Renovated 2009
Lab Renovated 2009
Department of Biochemistry was started in 1985 as a Biochemistry Research Department supporting the need of the hospital by carrying out several special investigations related to ocular diseases such as screening for Inborn errors of metabolism and aminoaciduria by HPLC and trace elements analysis by atomic absorption spectroscopy
Histopathology and Cytopathology
Department of Ocular Pathology
Department of Ocular Pathology
The department of Ocular Pathology, Vision Research Foundation, a unit of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai started in 1986 supporting the need of the hospital by carrying out routine pathological diagnosis and investigations related to ocular diseases.
Microbiology and Serology
L & T Microbiology Research
L & T Microbiology Research
L & T Microbiology Research Centre including SAIL Molecular Microbiology (Established on 10th March 1989) runs the microbiology/serology and PCR based diagnostics and conducts Microbiology-EQAS as a National programme
Genetics and Molecular biology
Department of Molecular Genetics
Department of Molecular Genetics
The Molecular Genetics department had its humble beginning as a Cytogenetics laboratory in the year 1993. Since then it has achieved rapid growth with the inclusion of a Molecular Biology set up, and mutation screening to evolve as the SNONGC department of Genetics & Molecular Biology
SNSC Collection Centre
Sri Nathella Sampathu Chetty Clinical Laboratory at 21, Pycrofts Garden Road 1st floor of HTP Block was established on 10th February 1999 It is now Converted into SNSC Collection Centre and now operates at the 5th floor same HTP Block since 25.06.13. NABL Audit was completed for SNSC Collection Centre on 22nd & 23rd June 2013.
Heads of the Laboratories

01. Dr.S.B.Vasanthi
Director, SNSC Laboratory, Management Representative (MR) NABL

02. Dr.H.N.Madhavan
Director- Microbiology & Serology, Deputy Management Representative NABL

03. Dr.N.Angayarkanni
Quality Manager(QM) - NABL, HOD - Clinical & Sp Biochemistry

04. Dr.Doreen Gracias
HOD–Cl.Hematology & Cl.Pathology, Deputy Quality Manager–NABL

05. Dr.J.Biswas
Director – Histopathology

06. Dr.S.Krishna Kumar
HOD – Histopathology

07. Dr.K.Lily Therese
HOD –Microbiology & Serology

08. Dr.A.J.Pandian
HOD – Cytogenetics

09. Ms.R.Punitham
Senior /Technical Manager


Heads of the laboratories
Heads of the laboratories: From Left to Right: Dr. A.J.Pandian, Dr .S. Krishna Kumar, Dr. Doreen Gracias, Dr. K.Lily Therese, Dr. H.N.Madhavan, Dr. K.N.Sulochana, Dr. S.B.Vasanthi, Dr.N.Angayarkanni, Dr. J.Biswas.
Deputy Technical Managers
Dy.TM – Ocular Pathology
Dy.TM – Clinical Haematology
Ms.Faritha Banu
Dy.TM–Microbiology & Serology
Dy.TM - Clinical Biochemistry
Current Certified Internal Assessors: NABL (ISO 15189:2012)
S.No. Name Department From
01 Dr.N.Angayarkanni Clinical / Sp. Biochemistry 20.06.2014
02 Dr.Doreen Gracias Cl.Hematology & Cl. Pathology 20.06.2014
03 Ms.R.Punitham Clinical / Sp. Biochemistry 20.06.2014
04 Dr.B.Mahalakshmi Microbiology & Serology 14.10.2014
05 Ms.K.Vanitha Ocular Pathology 14.10.2014
06 Ms.Saumya.T.S, Cl.Hematology & Cl. Pathology 14.10.2014
07 Dr.J.Malathi Microbiology & Serology 25.11.2014
08 Ms.Y.Faritha Banu Microbiology & Serology 25.11.2014
09 Ms.Rajalakshmi Cl.Hematology & Cl. Pathology 25.11.2014
10 Dr.K.Lily Therese Microbiology & Serology 23.04.2015
11 Dr.K.Coral Sp. Biochemistry 23.04.2015
12 Ms.U.Jayanthi Sp. Biochemistry 23.04.2015
13 Dr.S.Krishna Kumar Ocular Pathology 07.05.2015