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Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Ph.D. Programme: Under BITS, Pilani, SASTRA University and MGR. Medical University

Ph.D. degree Awarded:

Dr. Rajesh, was awarded the Ph.D. (Biological sciences) BITS, Pilani for his thesis entitled “ Eales' Disease: Identification, Purification and Characterization of a New 88 kD glycoprotein and the Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of Retinal Inflammation and Neovascularization ” He has presently taken up a postdoctoral assignment under John Hopkins University at Singapore and has now moved to NIH, USA. – Guided by Dr. S. Ramakrishnan (2003)

Dr. K. Coral, was awarded the Ph.D. Degree entitled “In vitro Studies in Retinal pigment Epithelium on the role of Lysyl oxidase and its Perspectives in vitreoretinal pathology” in the XXI Graduation ceremony (VIBS, BITS) on 12th Sep 2010. Currently she is working as a Postdoctoral fellow in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Sankara Nethralaya.

Current Ph. D. scholars:

Ph.D Students Guided by
Ms. S. Barathi Dr. N. Angayarkanni
Ms. R Selvi Dr. N. Angayarkanni
Ms A.V. Saijyothi Dr. N. Angayarkanni
Ms. M.Bharath Selvi Dr. K.N. Sulochana
Ms. Iyer Gomathy Narayanan Dr. K.N. Sulochana
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