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Contact Lens Clinic - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about contact lenses

1) Can i wear contact lenses?

Yes, you can!
With so many product improvements in recent years, just about everyone can wear contacts.
2) Will contact lens get lost behind my eye?
No! A thin membrane covers your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelids, making this a physical impossibility.
3) Does contact lens fall out of eye?
This is only possible in hard lenses
soft lenses are tucked under the eyelids which makes it impossible for them to move or fall
4) Are contact lenses uncomfortable?
Not true. After a brief adaptation period, most people don't even notice they're wearing contact lenses.
5) Will my contact lens reduce my power or stop the progression?
Possibly yes, with some type of rigid gas permeable lenses but this is not the case with spectacles or soft contact lenses.
6) Can i sleep with contact lenses on?
Yes, but not with all type of lenses
Two different wear schedules:
daily wear (you remove them before sleeping)
extended wear (you leave them in overnight)
It is advisable to take advice of an eye care professional before wearing a lens while sleeping.
7) Is it troublesome to take care of contact lenses?
Not at all!
One-bottle contact lens care systems make cleaning and disinfecting your lenses easy. (OR)
You can choose to eliminate contact lens care altogether with daily disposables which are even more safer.
8) Do we get eye problems after wearing contact lenses ?
In general, this is not true if you're a conscientious wearer.
They are rare and most result from not properly wearing or caring for lenses as instructed by your doctor.
9) Can i wear contact lens matching to my dress colour?
Yes, There are many contact lenses which are available in different colours and many different wearing modalities.
10) Will i be able to insert contact lens in my eyes?
Sure you will. It is absolutely very easy to insert a lens and remove it, its just a matter of few days of practice.
11) Are they expensive?
Even daily disposable contact lenses, once considered a luxury, cost only about a Rs.50 a day.
We offer variety of lenses
Let me determine which would best suit you.
Ask questions and describe options
Demonstrate there is much more than price involved when seeking contact lenses.
12) Am i too old to get contact lenses?
Never. With the advent of bifocal and multifocal contact lenses, age is no longer a problem.
Unless there is any systemic contraindication or a physical problem.
13) Should i want to use any power glasses over my contact lenses?
No , unless there is any residual uncorrected power. And only when prescribed.
It is preferable to use a protective goggles over the contact lens for avoiding dust particles.
14) Is it safe to wear contact lenses during sports?
Sports vision doctors agree that contact lenses are the best vision correction option for athletes.
They can enhance visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination.
15) Can i swim with contact lens?
Yes but only with protective goggles and immediate after care for the lens and the eye.
If not there is a possibility of the lens getting washed out in the water.
Soft contact lens can absorb chemicals or germs from the water.
Check with your eye care professional for any special precautions and cleaning procedure for the particular variety of lens.
16) Are disposables and extended wear the same?
No. Disposable lenses are designed to replace usually either daily, two-weekly or monthly.
Extended wear are worn even during sleep for 7 days and 6 nights and replaced with a new contact lens.
17) Can i wear contact lenses because i have astigmatism?
Certainly, there are special type of lens called Toric lenses available now-a-days to take care of astigmatism.
18) Are they good for children?
Yes, but it has to be prescribed by an eye care professional and monitored by the parents.
19) Is it advisable to buy contact lens by showing glass prescription over the counter?
No. There are a number of reasons why the glasses prescription cannot be used for contact lenses.
One important reason is the contact lens is placed on the sensitive part of the eye and very close to the eye unlike a spectacles.
20) Can i use eye drops over my contact lenses?
Yes. Certain eye drops can be used with contact lenses.
It depends on the eye drops and the material of the lens used.
Certain eye drops could cause deposits in the surface of your contact lenses
It is advisable to take advice of your eye care professional.
21) Can i use eye makeup over my lenses?
Yes. you can.
Put in your contact lenses before applying makeup.
Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contacts.
Choose water-based rather than oil-based make up
It is preferable to avoid Kajal.
22) I have tried lenses earlier, they don’t suit me !
Can be overcome with latest technology products.
There are lot of advancements in the material, care products, lens designs, varieties and convenience.
Ensure thorough eye examination and contact lens evaluation before buying lenses.
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