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The Visual Field

What is Visual Field?

Visual field is the degree of side or peripheral vision a person can perceive when looking straight at an object.

How is the Visual field of a patient measured?

Perimeter is the instrument used to measure the visual fields of a patient. There are various types of perimeters to quantify the visual fields.

What instrument do we use at our hospital?

Perimetry is performed in Sankara Nethralaya using the AUTOMATED HUMPHREY FIELD ANALYZER (HFA II and HFA i-SERIES)

Why is Visual field testing important?

The purpose of visual field testing or perimetry is to provide information critical to:

Diagnosing ocular diseases, especially Glaucoma
Evaluating neurological diseases
Monitoring the progress of ocular and neurological diseases.
How is the visual fields testing done?
Mostly done for one eye at a time followed by the other eye.
Sometimes visual field testing is done for both the eyes simultaneously which is known as Binocular Visual field testing.
A perimetrist will assist the patient by clearly giving the instruction on how to perform the testing.
Patient’s understanding of the test and cooperation is very important to get a reliable report which in turn will assist the Ophthalmologist in the diagnosis and management of the disease.
Hence visual field plays a major role in early detection and treatment of the disease and also in evaluating the efficacy of the therapy used to control the disease process.
Normal fields
Inferior arcuate defect in glaucoma case
Superior arcuate defect in glaucoma case
Biarcuate defect in glaucoma case
Full Field 120 in a retinal case depicting central scotoma
Neuro case of Left Homonymous Hemianopia.
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