Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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To offer quality facilities for patients undergoing cataract surgery due to various causes

Unique Services:

  • State of the art technology for IOL power calculation, preoperative evaluation and in the operation theatre
  • Dedicated team of optometrists for pre-operative evaluation
  • Concept and technology-wise planning for sub-specialty cataract surgery


  • IOL Master
  • Lenstar
  • Allegro Biograph
  • Verion
  • Ocuscan RxP
  • Tomey
  • Itrace
  • Centurion
  • Sovereign
  • Infinity

1. Among the first centres in India to conduct phacoemulsification workshops

2. Hosted Cataract Catalyst 2017 and 2015 – confluence of cataract surgeons from across the country with focus on teaching and handling cataract surgery-related complications

3. Conducted in-house Cataract Updates

  • Update 01: Cataract surgery in Colobomatous Eyes
  • Update 02: Toric IOLs
  • Update 03: Management of Traumatic Cataract
  • Update 04: Cataract surgery in Small Pupils
  • Update 05: Aspheric IOLs
  • Update 06: Preoperative systemic considerations for cataract surgery
  • Update 07: Secondary IOLs
  • Update 08: Understanding Phacodynamics
  • Update 09: Practice Pattern of Regional Ophathlmic Anesthesia
  • Update 10: Video competition of eye surgeries
  • Update 11: Innovation in cataract surgery Part 1- Verion and Intraoperative Aberrometry
  • Update 12: Innovation in cataract surgery Part 2 - IOL Technology
  • Update 13: Innovation in cataract surgery Part 3 - Femtosecond Cataract Surgery (scheduled)
Chennai Centre
Consultants Dr. Amala Elizabeth George
Dr. Ambika S
Dr. Anand K C
Dr. Kavitha Kalaivani Natarajan
Dr. Mamta Agarwal
Dr. Meena Lakshmipathy
Dr. Mona Khurana
Dr. Niveditha Narayanan
Dr. Parivadhini A
Dr. Parthapratim Dutta Majumder
Dr. Prema Padmanabhan
Dr. Radhika N
Dr. Rajesh P S
Dr. Rama Rajagopal
Dr. Rathini Lilian David
Dr. Ronnie Jacob George
Dr. Shantha B
Dr. Shikha Bassi
Dr. Shweta S Agarwal
Dr. Sripriya Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Suchitra Pradeep
Dr. Sudha K Ganesh
Dr. Sudharshan S
Dr. Sudhir R R
Dr. Sumita Agarkar
Dr. Trupti Sudhir Patil
Dr. Veena Baskaran
Dr. Vineet Ratra
Kolkata Centre
Consultants Dr Aditi Johri
Dr Amitabh Kumar
Dr Anik Das
Dr Anindya Kishore Majumder
Dr Debi Kundu
Dr Manideepa Banerjee
Dr Mihir Lagvankar
Dr Mona Bhargava
Dr Suchetana Mukherjee
Dr Sudipta Sahana
Dr Sujata Guha
Dr Surajit Sen
Dr Tamonash Basu
Dr Tanmoy Biswas
Dr Wadke Vidya Arunkumar
Department Goals:

1. To equip the cataract surgeon with skills to manage challenging cases and aim for the best visual outcomes

2. To focus on research and development in the fields of cataract surgery and innovations in IOL technology